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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shoulder Update

Well I finally got to see a sports medicine shoulder specialist and the diagnosis was good and bad. I got to have some shoulder X-Rays and all that good stuff yesterday. Basically in common terms (the only terms I could understand) is that I have a bone spur in my right shoulder and it slightly pushes down on my outer tendon. Which I have probably had for a while. The injury itself however originates from some tendonitis I developed in the shoulder. So that tendon is very inflammed and it pushes against the bone spur and restricts movement and causes more pain then tendonitis itself would cause. The treatment is physically therapy which I assumed all along. Of course I have to wait until June 5th for my first physical therapy appointment. So what does this mean? The doc told me to take it easy until that appointment and then they would tell me what I'd need to do. She did say no swinging anything (golf, baseball, dancing) and to basically not do anything stupid. I am guessing once I get to physical therapy I won't be able to do anything that hurts my shoulder (which means mountain biking would also be out.) :( But the recovery if all goes well should be 8 or les weeks. So basically in the course of 3 months I got plantar facitiis which is basically tendonitis in the foot and shoulder tendonitis, both due to me being stupid. Lessons learned (I hope.) The foot is still sore but I figure I'll just set aside time each day to do exercises for both and go from there. Which is no biggy since I really didn't have any summer plans anyways.

I got a couple more Spoke Out photos from Kyle so here they are.
Our good looking Schwinn team:
Jess and I before the start:

Other than that, it's shaping up to be a typical week. Trying to get all my errands done early in the week so I can coast later this week and head up to RL for my Mom's retirement party!


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