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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Don't call it a comeback...

So evidently people still read this I have to continue. I do have an excused absence though, I was sick. So basically any blog post I would've done in the past week would have referred to that. But this past weekend was different so maybe it'll be slightly more interesting.

Of note from last week, Wednesday night Riz and I went to Red Robin. Normally it's good but overall the food was pretty bad. I've been wanting to try their steak sliders for a while...what a mistake. I thought they'd be made with ground steak but instead they are made with mini (rough) steaks. Steaks like that shouldn't be on buns...the texture was all wrong. And you were still chewing on the steak long after the bun and toppings were gone. The onion rings were overcooked too, overall the steak sliders would rate a D. Stay away! Thursday morning I tried some shoulder rehab in the pool. I swam over 1/2 of a mile quick and my shoulder liked it. But then I got sick. All weekend long I was knocked down and out, not venturing far from the couch. It was all in the lungs, I couldn't breathe but I certianly could cough and I had no energy. Finally Wednesday the cough started to fade and the energy came back. Today I finally feel good (I still cough and hack a bit but not too bad.) So the week was like that.

Friday we had our last night of bowling. I ended up having the highest handicapped game and was 5 points away from winning money straight up with my 251. We won maybe $80 as a team, Kyle took $10 extra for being most improved and I also scored a bottle of Korbel Brandy. That's got "regift" written all over it! :) Saturday I had to work at Willy Bikes as a factory rep. My 4 hour shift turned to 7 and I was sore as hell from walking around and standing for that long. I was rewarded with Taco Bell though and then we played some games and had a great time!

Today we went to the Brewers game. It was excellent, Sheets threw awesome and the Brewers scored in 6 different innings. That keeps it fun! We both got Prince Fielder bobbleheads too! After we got back we went to the dog park. Then we took the much anticipated trip to Macaroni Grill (we've been meaning to go for the past 5 weeks.) But appears Madison can't support a Macaroni Grill as it was now out of business. So 5 weeks ago they sent me a coupon good for 8 weeks...but now it's gone. So that sucked. We ended up back at Taco Bell and then to the grocery store and now home.

There you go, you're updated on my life (or lack there of...)


  • I thought I saw a jerk drive by with a toy story license plate. We hit the traffic headed out of the ball park on the way back to Madison.

    Glad to hear your health is getting better. I would say that your review of that RR trip hurt me, it was right on and I'm kind of surprised you put it as nice as it was, but no mention of the Campfire Sauce?

    Much love from this side!

    By Anonymous Riz, at 4/06/2008 10:38 PM  

  • You're a factory rep? What does that mean? Do you stand around and repeat all the nonsense that HR tells you to say?

    By Anonymous jerry, at 4/07/2008 4:09 PM  

  • I think I'd still like to call it a comeback. Is that ok?

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 4/09/2008 9:58 AM  

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