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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Grand Crevasse...

So Thursday morning we woke up in the Grand Canyon. Jess wanted some sunrise photos so we got up super early and went out. Of course it was about 20F at 6 in the morning but such is life. We got some good photos and some breakfast and then headed for the room to chill for a couple hours before our big hike. We were hiking the South Kaibob trail to a place called Skeleton Point which was 2 miles into the canyon and about half-way down. We had to buy crampons for our shoes as it was super icy, so I figured super sketchy. It wasn't very sketchy at all but it was beautiful. The 3-mile trail down was tough on the shins but it wasn't bad at all. The temps increased as you went down as ice was replaced by dirt. We saw tons of mules with tourists making the trip up...glad I am not a mule! We saw an endagered California Condor and a few other cool looking birds on the way. When we got to Skeleton Point we could actually see the river (which was at about double flow as the Grand Canyon was getting a 30 hour flushing and we happened to be there.) Had we started earlier in the day I would've been tempted to go to the river which they say is a dangerous day-hike. We started on the way back up and made better time. We even took time to walk to another point on the way back and it took us just as long to get up as it did to get down. To see what the trail is like, look at the photo below, in the upper right hand corner are people. 4-1/2 hours of steady hiking (and climbing) and we were back. We pretty much crashed most of the rest of the night, leaving to drive to the nearest town to get pizza and coming back.

The next morning we got up and headed out. We went east along the canyon to see other view points and trails. The farther east it got, the less deep the canyon and the more you could see the river. It's amazing how vast the canyon is...a mile down and 10 miles across in the narrowest point. I'd love to hike to the bottom some day and camp out. We then left the canyon and journeyed back to Phoenix. We did stop at Sonic on the way and they have new Java Chillers which makes me believe Sonic might be back...or at least extremely viable. We got to Phoenix and drove up to South Mountain. It just happens to be the most popular place for road and mountain biking in Phoenix so it was a bummer not to have a bike. The views of Phoenix were awesome too! After that we just needed some unwind time on our last day. We did some shopping and tooling around. We went to Tia Rosa which is a world famous mexican restaurant and was recommended to us by 4 people. We left dissappointed and before people say we don't understand real mexican food, I'll say this...they basically served the stuff we had here, just with less flavor. Jess said the margarita was top-notch and it was super popular as we had to wait at 5pm and would've waited tons longer at 6pm so they must do something right. We washed it down with some Gelato at the Gelato Spot. We then went to downtown Scottsdale and it was like one huge party. I mean beer gardens and restaurants were packed, reminded me of State St. on a nice fall night but with an older clientele. Seemed pretty cool! We then went back to the hotel to pack. Our flight left at 6am Saturday morning, guh!

Saturday we got up at 4ish and turned in the rental car. The airport was barely open at 4:45 when we arrived. We had to wait for security to open. Once we got through security there was no where to get some decent breakfast or coffee. We hit our flight and randomly we got to Dallas late. Of course our layover was short and we were on the other side of the airport. We got to take the train to our terminal and then sprint 10 gates, to make it just in time and get in the air. Now I am sweaty, hungry and need caffeine. The Nintendo DS got me to Madison...but our luggage didn't make it. Jess' parents picked us up and soon I was home eating Noodles, drinking coffee and watching the Badgers. Lounged the rest of the day and our luggage came some time in the middle of the night (it was on the porch when I got up.)

Sunday was fun as our friends Krystina and Cody had a baby boy (Grady Micheal). We got to watch and play with their boxer Lola all day. Chili is virtually dead from 7 days at camp and then going to the park and then playing with Lola. He didn't move all evening. Anyways we can't wait to meet Grady.

Now it's back to work...guh! Not ready but such is life and I'll get thrown right back into it I am sure!


  • I for one would never say you know nothing about Mexican cuisine. That sucks about your luggage, but at least it was after your trip instead of the beginning. That trip sounds like it was a blast.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!!

    Much love!

    By Anonymous Riz, at 3/10/2008 8:31 AM  

  • That Chimi looked pretty good. Are you sure it wasn't tasty?

    By Anonymous kelson, at 3/10/2008 6:09 PM  

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