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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Winter Wonderland

2008 Topps came out on Wednesday. I didn't get any yet, but here is something I might get to look forward to.

Week was crazy with big-time winter storm action. After work on Tuesday I went out to the dog park and all was well although the snow had started. Jess and I headed to Elver to go sledding which was a blast. Two inches of powder on top of icy snow made for some sweet ridng. Tuesday night was supposed to be big. Wasn't much, like 3-4 inches. Wednesday I snowblowed and then went to work and the snow started in. It got so bad that I got to leave at 1 and head home. Snowblowed again and then made lunch. Jess and I hunkered down. Went out a third time to snowblow that evening before calling it a night and we made smores and hate some warm chocolate chip cookies that our neighbors made. Thursday I got up and once again cleared snow, this time the icy residue from the plow. Thursday basically was work and then home. Yesterday I finally got out to play some basketball. Rocked a Victor Allens latte on my way to work too! I now officially work for Cannondale Sports Group too although that only means my e-mail address has changed and a few minor other procedural changes. We bowled last night and played awful. We lost two close games before getting "blowed out" in the third. This morning I slept like crap so it's 4am and I am blogging this crap!

My camera hasn't been used this year I don't think so yet another photoless post. Tonight is the big movie double feature (Goonies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off) so that should be fun. Hope all is well and thanks for reading!


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