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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It’s a bloggy blog world.

Well I rode my bike yesterday. First ride of the year. Opted for the cross bike and was going to try and ride the military ridge trail but it was too icy. But the roads were just wet but not icy. I tried the cap city trail on the way in but it turned to ice (and I did a 270 while trying to ride it…but I kept it upright.) Ended up with about 15 miles and a commute. Of course the motherload of winter storms hit yesterday but fortunately my wife works at the same place so it's all good!

This guy is a big jerk, a 15 minute article on a seemingly invincible athlete.

If you are reading this and don't have Facebook, sign up. They've added Boggle to Facebook and you can play against friends, strangers, whomever you want for free. So even if you aren't into the whole see and be seen culture of this type of site (you can join pretty unceremoniously by using a name like Riswan Kilberknuckle) there are tons of fun games and applications that you are missing out on. Boggle should be the clincher!

No photos's too cold!


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