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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday Night...

This morning I finally busted out the first mountain bike ride of the year. We got 1-2” of fresh powder last night so I figured that would be perfect. It was also 26F so it was cold enough not to be sloppy. The roads weren’t bad at all (for a mountain bike with low tire pressure) but once I hit the military ridge I struggled. I could ride maybe 100-200 feet at a time before losing so much momentum I had to put my foot down. I guess there hasn’t been many snowmobilers out. I finally got to Quarry Ridge and entered the trail. Got about 10 feet before determining it was impassible. But I saw if I went right instead of left it might be ridable. It was for a while. Then it wasn’t. Then it was once again. Rode out to Fitchrona and determined that I should probably head to work. Took me over 20 minutes from there (just over 3 miles) so it was slow going for sure (uphill and headwind didn’t help.) But I got out for 50 minutes of hard riding (and hiking) today so that was cool (and about 6 miles.) I was basically on pace to race with this guy.

Weekend was fun. After my sweet-ass bowling game (see post below) I was in a pretty good mood. Saturday I played hoops and got groceries. We also bought some Brewers tickets for a couple of key games right when they opened up for sale. Hit the dog park too. Later that day I watched Fast Times At Ridgemont High for my first time. Not bad. Jess and I also went to see the movie Vantage Point (liked it) and went to Chilis and then spent a couple hours doing Arizona vacation research for our upcoming trip. Nice night. Sunday I woke up too early and wasn’t feeling great. Read the paper and watched the movie Hot Rod (excellent.) We then went to a 10am showing of Be Kind Rewind (worthy) then hung out and then I went out to the dog park again. Got home in time to go to Jess’ parents for the Badger Game, got home just in time to head out to Blue Mound for an Oscars party. Good eats and good times, Jess even won the Oscar pool and $75 (beating me by one.) So all and all the weekend was a success.

Monday sucked though. I was so tired from staying out late on Sunday and it was just a dreary day with the threat of snow. Never happened, but there was a threat. The evening was nice, went to the dog park and then we had our basketball game and got back on the winning track, so no complaints. I also got slushed by a semi on my ride home from work so that kinda sucked!


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