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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So for many years, we've wondered, what type of cyclist can be considered the biggest geek. I often didn't think it was even a contest. Turns out I was right all along! Follow this one too! Yep, $45k to be a poser, and that just includes the entry fee, not the $10k tri bike, air-fare, lodging and everything else that goes along with this. You think for $45k you could buy enough drugs and "earn" your way to the Ironman. Of course all my ranting makes me seem insensative to the charities that will benefit, so I guess that's a plus (and maybe someone's justification.) I am just glad my flirtation with tri-geekdom was a success. In triathalon's defense however, all cycling is geeky.

A day off from work today! I haven't taken a random day off ever that I can remember so this should be fun. Heading to Milwaukee to see some dead bodies and a Brewers game. Yesterday I went out to Quarry Ridge for some MTB action before the rain hit. Tried a couple more stunts yesterday with success, I definitely need to take the camera out there one of these days! Monday I also rode, went out to Belleville before work and took the Badger Trail (I think that's the name) back. That trail rocks big-time, it beats the hell out of you and then you get to the unimproved section and it put one more nail in the hurt coffin. Then you get done and on to pavement and you feel like a rockstar once again. Weird euphoria.


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