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Sunday, May 04, 2008

1 Qdoba Burrito

Not much going on here. Weekend was a good time. Thursday I rode a 29er mountain bike at lunch. I also wrecked it. We also got together with some friends at the dog park. Friday Jess and I invited over Riz and Hez for some classic games. Blockus, Oh Hell and Euchre were awesome and we busted out a new game, Rumis. Euchre was highley contested as it went down to a best of 5 but Jess and I prevailed. A fun time was had by all!
Saturday I got up to play basketball. I was always meaning to ride my bike to the east Y, well, I finally did it. It took me 38 minutes to ride the 12.5 miles, so 20 minutes longer than the drive. Got 2 hours of basketball in too! It took longer on the way home as it's harder and I took a different route. Then I thought to myself. With the price of gas being what it is and the calories I burned by riding, I earned the equivalent of one Qdoba Burrito. I mean an hour and a half of riding and 30 miles less in my car. So I was proud of myself. Unfortunately those calories would have to be replaced by something else as we were headed to New Glarus. I went to the dog park quick and then our friends, the Mundys, picked us up. We headed towards New Glarus but stopped in Paoli. I've never stopped in Paoli before. We had to stomach some gift shops and antique shops but I did get some curds (for those of you worried that I wouldn't replace my calories.) We then got to New Glarus and did a brewery tour. I found a beer I like, called Road Slush, it's super dark. We did some tasting and then they gave us each a coupon for a for a free tap in the town of New Glarus so we found this swiss place to eat. There I had two more road slushes. But since it was swiss, we had to get some swiss cheese!

It just might have been the biggest dissapointment I've ever had involving cheese. I hated the swiss fondue. It was way too sweet. It was like a super sharp swiss and the strongest I've ever had was super mild. I tried it 4 times because I couldn't believe I hated it but alas I hated it. I washed it down with a brat though. I also got an apple pie square at the New Glarus bakery (awesome) but brought it home as I wasn't feeling it. We then headed to Barneveld to visit the Botham Vineyards. They also had a chococlate and cheese tasting as part of their open house. I've been to probably a dozen wineries and well, this one had the best wines. Whod've thunk? Tracy bought a bottle of wine but we took it home as the patio was kinda windy. Got back to Madison and we played a couple of games. Then we just kind of chilled out, walked the dogs, watched the Brewers and Nascar and had a good night.

Sunday I got up and read the paper...that's what I do on Sundays. I really wanted to ride for some reason but it was super cold in the morning. Did some housework instead and cleaned out the garage. We then headed to the dog park as it was getting nice but was windy. I thought, the dog park is 8 miles against the wind so I'll bring my bike and have an even nicer ride. The dog park was fun and then I headed out. Brain farted on the route and realized the only way to fix it was to go over Observatory, so I did. Got past Belleville and did another climb and then I rocked Fritz with a tailwind. Got done and headed down Riverside which is worse for the wear. And then I hit the worlds sharpest pothole and my ride was done. I tried to CO2 it but I had everything I needed except the inflator itself, who knows where that went. So I missed out on 10 miles of pure tailwind back to my house and Jess missed two innings of Brewers baseball to pick me up...and unfortunately the Brewers decided to not only play 12 innings but to lose. Check the map out though, pretty random ride really but only 20ish miles. Went out to Mi Cocina with Jess' parents and now I am back home ready to start the week. Bike commute every day in May is here!!!

Week should be busy with bike commuting, volleyball, softball and just lots of random little things. Have a good one!


  • Crazy, that sounds like more miles in a week, than all of last year.

    By Anonymous kelson, at 5/06/2008 6:14 AM  

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