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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repair Time

Alright, do you want to know what really grinds my gears? For years I’ve waited for a quick service/fast food Mexican place to open near my house. That time has come. Yesterday Jess informed me that in the new Super Target complex we were getting a new quick service burrito place. Chipotle? Qdoba? Baja Fresh? Something new I haven’t heard of? Nope. Pancheros. That’s right in about a month’s time (rough estimate) we will now live 2-3 minutes from a brand new Pancheros. It could be worse, it could be a Moe’s. But I am open-minded and promise to give it a third try.

As for repairs. My car was at Car-X today for a new muffler, oil change and a brake inspection. I got new brakes last year (twice) but they never seemed to work and squeal big-time. But from what they've said and I've confirmed sometimes brakes are that way, especially high performance brakes. So I got a steal today. They had a coupon for half off of a muffler on their website. Well my $320 muffler cost me $160 which is funny because the lady wasn't that good at coupons and I saw that their cost on that muffler was $220. Now that this is all done and I get a speaker fixed and a new remote my car should be ready to run for the long haul (not sure how long the long haul is but hopefully a while.) I also finally got approved to see a sports medicine doctor about my shoulder. Hoping they can pimp my shoulder to make it strong again. I can’t lift much and I can’t throw well and my discus career is all but over but I can do the elliptical trainer, I can play basketball and I can sleep on it, so that’s good.

That's about all that's changed since I last reported in. I got some new bike gear so maybe that'll be a future post. God I hope it doesn't rain the rest of the week.


  • Sorry to hear about the pancheros, while it's not the worst, it could have been better. Personally I would have liked to have seen a previously unheard of mexican place go there. But kudos on the brakes!!

    By Anonymous Riz, at 5/01/2008 9:02 AM  

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