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Sunday, May 11, 2008

One week

So another week is down...not too bad! Was a pretty busy week for sure.

Monday- Rode some bikes in the morning and at lunch. Dog park that night. That was pretty much my day!

Tuesday- Commuted to work. Longest ride I've had in a while. Also rode at lunch, first with a fast group of coworkers then I took a short cut back and met up with other coworkers on the way back. Pretty sweet! I had to skip softball that night because of my shoulder...getting it looked at tomorrow (Monday.) Dog parked again that night.

Wednesday- It was rainy so besides my commute to and from work, no bikes. Did hit the Y though, so that was nice. Worked until 7pm and then had volleyball at 8 so it was a busy day! We won 2 of 3. We also have a lot of new faces on the team but we all meshed well and had a great time.

Thursday- It was cold in the AM so decided to ride at lunch and do the Gun Show. Did the Gun Show and didn't get dropped which was my goal (and a minor miracle.) Actually I rode well so I was kind of happy about that. Hit the dog park again that night and then watched the Office...such a good show!

Friday- Played some basketball and then rode to work. Went mountain biking at lunch and had a great time! Quarry Ridge is getting pretty dialed for lunch rides. That night Jess and I went to Chilis for supper (it's been a while) and then just chilled it that night watching the Brewers.
Saturday- It was a day of craziness! Like last week I decided riding to the Y was a good idea. So I did. Then we were to do the Saris Spoke Out (Against Child Abuse) at 9:30 but I had an hour to kill so I rode some more. Was 28 miles in before the 12.5 mile Spoke Out. Jess had invited alot of friends (mostly coworkers) to ride, so it was ultra casual. And it was a blast. I had my road bike so it was pretty easy to get around. But having a couple hundred people on the bike paths when traffic was open was kinda sketchy.
Here's me by the terrace, many think I need a haircut, I think I need a new helmet.

Here's Jess with her proper riding technique (and always in the big ring):As you can tell since I am the photographer, I won the KFC preme, but here's Hez and Jess coming through:And don't forget Kendra with her tounge out and Tracy showing her KFC support (and photographic evidence she can ride with one hand): Here's a few happy fellas eating gelato (if we were 30 years older we can be in one of those bladder commercials about how happy we are not to have a weak stream):

Maybe the Mundys will send the big group picture so I can post that? The rest of Saturday was sweet. Hit the dog park and had some good times there. Caught 15 minutes of shut eye and then out to the Irbys. They have a top notch entertainment venue with the projection home theater and the big-ass eat in kitchen with a table that comfortably seats 10. Good grilling and food and Kyle and I arguably won 3 games of bocce. Played a couple games of classic Apples to Apples. Couldn't stay to watch the Golden Compass however as after a day like that it's better to sleep at home then on someone's floor among good friends.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!! Have a great Sunday and stay dry!


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