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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Luck Thursday

It's only 6pm but it's safe to say, today was a good day. Worked was kinda stressful and overwhelming at times but I got alot done and some good help with it.

My good luck started at 7:45 when I got an Iced Coffee at McDonalds. I've been wanting one for like two weeks and today it worked out. Well on May 15th if you buy an Iced Coffee you get a free chicken sandwich, the new southern chicken biscuit. It was good, not awesome, but combined with an iced coffee it was a good way to spend a couple bucks. Then I saw this
A Wisconsin-based Mexican food chain. Opens on Friday. I am a little bit scared though, Wisconsin isn’t a Mexican food hot-bed. So not sure how that’s going to work out and I am not sure when I’ll find out but I’ll give it a shot. Was hoping for a Baja Fresh, I went once and wasn’t impressed but the menu is vast and the potential is great and they use a lot of Monterrey jack cheese. But more options is good! Then I went on the Gun Show today, and local celebrity Leigh Mills joined us. She was pretty cool and well pretty. But it was a tough one out there today for everyone. I was able to give some sprints a go too. I almost crashed on the last sprint when I took the same shoulder to my shoulder twice while a guy was trying to beat me and then his front derailleur rubbed my front wheel (sketchy) but luckly I didn't go down and if someone wants 2nd place bad enough to ride that erratically well he can take it. Of course I threw in some choice obcenities but the rider apologized so no worries. So my good luck was staying upright. Got back to work and scored an extra sandwich, chips and cookie from some meeting. It was all from Potbelly Sandwich Works. If you like doughy cookies, try their fresh baked sugar cookie, best sugar cookie ever, hands down! Got home from work and had an e-mail from Jerry. He won the mountainous 1st stage of the Mt Hood Classic Road Race and gets to wear yellow. His blog is to the right in the links, his race report isn't there yet. Then as soon as I am done reading my phone rings and it's my mom. My dad got his 3rd career Hole In One just then on the 17th at Cumberland. Not a bad day so far for me and those close to me. Also I'm working on a special project and had a break through with that so I won't bore you with the details but a mental victory helped my mood! :) The only flaw is that the Brewers lost which is a 50:50 crap shoot these days. Office finale tonight to cap off a good day. Tomorrow is Friday and Bike to Work t-shirts, reduced work day, bagels and pizza. Life is good!

Last night we won 2 of 3 in volleyball, the team we played was much better than last year and we are starting to gel. Other than that, this week has been pretty blah. Been working some OT, not doing much else though. Hit the dog park a few times as well.

Have a great weekend! No pictures today!


  • Are you sure we didn't sweep them? I was pretty sure we did. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and today could be just peaches too.

    Yeah, you'll be disappointed in me. I woke up late feeling like ass, so no I didn't bike today, but I plan on doing it next week.

    By Anonymous Riz, at 5/16/2008 8:26 AM  

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