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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Life ain't cheap

So after having a nice long weekend last weekend it was back to work. But yet another busy week with physical therapy on Tuesday, new tires and vet work on Wednesday, dinner plans on Thursday and a rehersal and dinner on Friday (along with picking up a tux.)

Wednesday Chili was to get his teeth cleaned. That's a pretty expensive thing anyways as they have to put him under. Of course he has terrible teeth and needed 4 more exctracted and it quickly became some oral surgery. Now he only has about 50% of his teeth left and we are much less rich. Plus right after that I picked up my car with 4 fresh new tires. Chili was pretty beat up though and was down for the count for a good day. He's back to normal now though.

I've been playing a game called The Last Guy on PS3. It is actually one of the best games I ever played, so much that it took me 5 days to finish it (I finished at 5:40am this morning.) I am now working on redoing some levels and I am currently ranked in the Top 800 in the world in this game. Pain, Amusment Park was supposed to come out on Wednesday but it got delayed a couple weeks so I'll have to find something else to play until then.

Dean and Beth are getting married this weekend! Should be a great time! The rehersal was alot of fun and we got to have some good ol' Wisconsin fish fry which has been a while for me. Even scored me a custom Brewers retro jersey! The wedding is going to be huge (300+ people) and we'll have a good time for sure! I wish them the best of luck as they both are very good friends of ours. I am sure I'll post photos from the wedding once it is done.

Not much else going on here. I am trying out a new GT road bike so that's been interesting. The Ironman is tomorrow so good luck to Wolfgram! He'll do awesome. Also my friend Jenn gets married today (her reception is in a couple weeks) so good luck to them. Should be a fun weekend! Take care!


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