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Monday, October 13, 2008


So in the couple weeks I've been back from Vegas I haven't really been up to much. One thing I did forget to post in my Vegas post however is how awesome I am. I've been working on this Sudoku off and on for a year or so and finally on my way to Vegas I finished it off. It was a pretty good feeling.

Not much else has been going on. Watching some sports, movies and new TV shows, playing some PS3 and going to the dog park has been my life. I rode my bike a few times last week as well. Even went for a cross ride to Badger Prairie last Friday which was a good time. Last weekend I cleaned out our whole garage so now we are ready for winter (and can park our cars in the garage.) Also went to a fun birthday party for Beth last Saturday night.
This weekend was good and laid back. Started out with some dog park and then dinner with some friends. Crashed really early on Friday night, I couldn't stay awake. Saturday came early as well and did some grocery shopping (ankle still can't play basketball.) Went to the dog park and then it was yardwork time. I picked up dog poop and pulled weeds for two hours (we had tons of weeds, 3 38 gallon garbage bags full) and then I worked on the yard itself. It needed to be bagged as there was so much dead grass and leaves so I went ahead and did that. Finally I moved our wood pile (we've got lots of wood this year so we can have some nice fires.) I had a late lunch and cleaned up and basically rested for the later part of the afternoon. That evening we had dinner and movies at the Irbys. Dinner was spectacular as usual and we watched Office Space on the projection screen. Good times! We left before the second movie so we could watch the second half of the Badger game, what a waste that was.
Sunday we got up and chilled (I am reading the book Boys Will Be Boys which is excellent.) Went to the Y to do my physical therapy and then we headed off to our annual cornmaze tradition which is always a good time. We stopped by Barriques to fuel up with some molasses cookies, thanks Tracy! Then we headed to Lodi. The maze has 7 checkpoints and then randomly they hid 8 stampers. The objective is to go from one checkpoint to the next as they give you a chunk of the map at each one. The bonus objective is to find the 8 stampers, not located on the map. We dominated, geting the whole map and all 8 stampers (are first time for getting all 8) and we were rewarded with a certificate and our names are in a drawing for a VIP party out there. Good times! Yes we are both Official Maze Masters

We got home and then went to Jess' parents house for the Packers game. Finally a good football game for the Wisconsin faithful! Yesterday was weird, I didn't have a single meal, just about 6 small ones (and by meals I mean snacks.)

Now it is Monday morning, another exciting week. Work seems to be starting to get less busy (we took more than double the call volume this past September as we had in any other September in recorded history) so that's good. This weekend is Jess' birthday and the Saris Bike Federation Gala so it should be another fun weekend. Take care!


  • You got's to let Jen and I know when you're heading to the dog park with chili, as our new dog actually likes other dogs!

    By Anonymous kelson, at 10/16/2008 6:56 AM  

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