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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vegas Blues…

So this past week was my first pilgrimage to the Sin City, Las Vegas, NV. I’ve never been in Vegas before (or Nevada for that matter) so this was going to be quite the experience. To make matters worse I am trying to limit my caffeine intake, not drink, I had to share a hotel room, and I had to work long days.

First things first though, last weekend was pretty relaxing. It was nice to be home and since my ankle is still injured I couldn't do much. Watched lots of football and baseball and generally just hung out all weekend. Friday night we played some games which is always a blast! Monday and Tuesday were catch-up days at work and Tuesday night I went out to JT Whitney's with Jess' dad.

Wednesday morning showed up way to early and I was on my way to the airport by 4:45am (central time.) Flights went smoothly and got into Vegas and they were still serving breakfast…you know you’re early. Got some Subway, checked into our hotel (Treasure Island) and then went to work. Interbike was pretty cool although in the Internet age (and the fact we are already a few months into our 2009 selling season as well as everyone else) it takes the luster off of it. Wednesday I was a zombie though working at the booth until after 6pm (which was after 8pm Madison time) and then having to go to a banquet which lasted after 9pm local time. By that point it was time to crash. Of course after a restless day like that I had a restless night so it was more zombieness on Thursday. Thursday Brent and I had to go pick up some rental vans for our outdoor electric bike demo. We got dropped off at the airport at around 7:45. Of course they only had one van so they had to track another one down. I waitied until almost 9:30 for another van. Stopped by Raisin' Canes for some of their legendary chicken fingers (I recommend this place.) I really wanted some In N Out Burger (everyone there Tuesday went to one and was telling me how awesome it was and it was #1 on my list to try as well) but it never did happen as I only saw one and we were over a mile from it and had just eaten. Got back to the hotel to drop off the van and saw Todd Wells riding through a casino. Funny! I got to walk through this nice area on my way to lunch!Got to the show and it was our most important day. Met lots of my customers and potential customers. Got to meet Beijing silver medalist Mike Day and touch his medal. Saw lots of other famous people as well (Eddy, Tyler Hamilton, Christian Vande Velde, Jill Kitner, Mike Spinner, etc.) It's cool for a bike junkie! That night we went out with one of our biggest customers who happens to be an action sports superstar and X Games gold medalist (Scotty Cranmer.) I don't think I've ever met a more down to earth 20 year old kid, he's definitely worth being a fan of. Was still tired that night so I went to bed early (not before blowing $40 in 5 hands of blackjack, guh!) Friday was a day for me somewhat. Went and walked the strip before the show. It was pretty cool. Even at 6:30 am there were prostitutes out. Got some breakfast (Burger King is so underrated) and then got back to the hotel and show. Friday is kind of a dead day for the show so I got to explore. Wasn't all that much to see but I did see a couple cool bikes.

This company had tubes sitting out too. I got to jump up and down on one and it wouldn't flex at all. Not sure how comfy this bike is but I know it is stiff:

Also got to mess around with the new electric Dura Ace shifting (sweet) and Campy 11 speed (nothing special, just another gear.) The biggest trend seems to be the lightening of 5-6" travel mountain bikes. And bold colors.

Friday after the show we packed up (went fast except it took forever for our truck to get there) and then headed back to the hotel. Watched the end of the Brewers game and then headed out with Crowley, David Pietz and Maggie. Except Maggie wouldn't leave the poker table so we had to leave her behind. The three of us at my request went down to Mandalay Bay to the Burger Bar as I saw an awesome kobe beef burger in a magazine (and I had an expense account.) We got there and they had boobs in the wall, motorboat!

We got to the Burger Bar and I ordered one of the best burgers I've ever had!It was a $23 plate but so awesome! Dave loved his kobe burger as well, I recommend trying it (there's much less tasty ways to lose $23 in Vegas anyways...) We washed it down by sharing a dessert burger (chocolate burger on a donut with fixins.) We then decided to walk the strip back to the Treasure Island. On the way we got sidetracked and hit this roller coaster (this photo was from a couple days ago but I haven't figured out how to take nighttime photos in a place like Vegas.) Went on the coaster twice with Dave, once in the back and then once in the front (the front is worth the wait!) Got done and headed back up the strip. Got back to the hotel after midnight and had to be up by 3:30 to make my 6am flight. 3 hours of sleep was rough but I was able to function (better than Brent who got less than 2 hours of sleep.) Flew home (the girl next to me on the flight to Dallas passed out drunk and was bobbing all over and almost puked...good times!) Chilled in Dallas for a couple hours (finally a Dunkin Donut) and then to Madison just in time for the Badgers and Brewers games. Not sure which one was a bigger train wreck (that's a lie, the Badgers were) and then I basicially owned the couch the rest of the night.

Sunday came and I saw a computer in the Best Buy ad that I should buy so we had to head to the east side store to get it. They were out when I got there but I got it ordered so it will come later this week, so that'll be nice, mine is at least 6-1/2 years old (Pentium 4.) Watched the Packers stink it up and wondered if Wisconsin sports could do anything. But then the Brewers won and the Mets imploded and it made up for all the disappointment from the other games! Yeah Brewers! Finished off the weekend with another pasta bowl and then it was back to work!

Hope all is well!!! Vegas, it seems like a fun place to visit but not so great a place to work. Thanks for reading.


  • Sounds like a pretty nice trip, aside from the actual working parts. Although, you did get to see/meet/greet some pretty cool people. I'm really kind of surprised to hear you were up so late so frequently, I guess Las Vegas changes people, at least while they're there.

    I don't think I've had the In N Out burger either, I believe I at at Fat Joes (or something like that). Of course had I been in LV, I would have definitely hit the old Taco Time.

    Thanks for taking us with you on the trip!! GREAT READ!!!

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    By Anonymous Riz, at 9/30/2008 7:33 AM  

  • Gah - Interbike! I can't believe I never got to go - and now that ship has sailed. Right? I should ask Stephen.

    By Anonymous J.Bro, at 9/30/2008 6:25 PM  

  • At least you had people at your show that would hang out with you afterwards. I haven't been to Vegas post 18 so I am not sure how I would like it now. I want to take Tad out there sometime, I think it is a place that everyone has to check out at least once in their life. I can't believe you didn't hit any of the buffets (BUFF-eh-t-sss).

    ...oh crap...

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