The Waffle House Chronicles...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repair Time

Alright, do you want to know what really grinds my gears? For years I’ve waited for a quick service/fast food Mexican place to open near my house. That time has come. Yesterday Jess informed me that in the new Super Target complex we were getting a new quick service burrito place. Chipotle? Qdoba? Baja Fresh? Something new I haven’t heard of? Nope. Pancheros. That’s right in about a month’s time (rough estimate) we will now live 2-3 minutes from a brand new Pancheros. It could be worse, it could be a Moe’s. But I am open-minded and promise to give it a third try.

As for repairs. My car was at Car-X today for a new muffler, oil change and a brake inspection. I got new brakes last year (twice) but they never seemed to work and squeal big-time. But from what they've said and I've confirmed sometimes brakes are that way, especially high performance brakes. So I got a steal today. They had a coupon for half off of a muffler on their website. Well my $320 muffler cost me $160 which is funny because the lady wasn't that good at coupons and I saw that their cost on that muffler was $220. Now that this is all done and I get a speaker fixed and a new remote my car should be ready to run for the long haul (not sure how long the long haul is but hopefully a while.) I also finally got approved to see a sports medicine doctor about my shoulder. Hoping they can pimp my shoulder to make it strong again. I can’t lift much and I can’t throw well and my discus career is all but over but I can do the elliptical trainer, I can play basketball and I can sleep on it, so that’s good.

That's about all that's changed since I last reported in. I got some new bike gear so maybe that'll be a future post. God I hope it doesn't rain the rest of the week.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Same ol'

Not much new to report here. Here's the recap:

Wednesday: Went to Balasteri's pizza in Milwaukee. If you ever get the chance...jump on it! Most excellent. We then headed to the Milwaukee Museum and after checking out what people though of history and geography in the 70's we watched the Grand Canyon Imax which was super cool since we were there last month. Then it was on to see dead people. Body Worlds is one of the most informative things I've ever done. While it was a little gross if you really thought about it, the wonderment of it all and everything I learned was magnificant. It's only there until June 1st so if you have a day off a road trip would be good. The obligatory stop at Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkins and a Marshmallow flavored iced coffee was the ticket. We then headed to Miller Park. I had won 8 tickets on Ebay (for $4.48) and since no one wanted to come on a Wednesday evening I was able to sell 6 of them (for $10) and then we went in. The game was one of the best I've seen with Prince hitting a go-ahead 8th inning homerun and then Turnbow getting the call. Drove home and got home late.

Thursday: Rode to Paoli in the morning and then a day of recovery. Work was work-like as expected. Watched the Office that night.

Friday: The weather turned Friday to something crappy. Opened up the day with some basketball and then another work day. Got through said day and came home. Did very little though and we chilled the whole night.

Saturday: Got up early for some basketball and then went to the grocery store. Jess thought I was making her go to Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and she hated it. I was luke-warm on it...amusing but it lacked the creativity of the original. That afternoon I went to the dog park and had a good time. Then we went over to the Mundys and out to dinner. I discovered a new health food, it's called a Caramel Espresso Milk Shake at Barriques. With an estimated 35g of fat and probably around 600 calories, it was super tasty! Gaming was fun as well (and as usual.) Dari (their boxer) at less than a year now outweighs Chili (our boxer) who is 2-1/2. She's going to be a big girl!!!

Sunday: Got up and read the paper. It was supposed to be the crappiest of days. Jess and I cleaned and organized alot of the house. We even found out we get to do some major furniture repair on our couch. Figuring it was crappy outside (and being tired) we watched some Nascar and the Brewers and just hung out. Then that evening we went out to eat with Jess' parents. We then discovered that it might have been a good day to be outside, oh well. After supper I took the dogs for a long walk. That was Sunday.

Monday: Got up early and went to the Y. It was cold that morning and I needed some exercise. Work was work again. Then I went and borrowed Chili's girlfriend (Lola) and brought her home so they could play for a couple hours. That was the extent of my night.

Nothing much on tap this week. Hard to believe WORS starts this weekend. Don't think my 220 miles of riding this year will suffice so I won't be there. Of course it snowed yesterday here and I am guessing it did even more up there so I wonder what the trail will be like. Well thanks for reading! I wonder what Kelson is up to right now?