The Waffle House Chronicles...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogging Boredom...

I haven’t been inspired to blog much this past week. The week after vacation is always hellish. Throw in lots of stuff to do (at work and not at work) and 90+ temps all week and it combines for an uninspiring week. But alas, I’ll throw some recap at you.

Monday- Went back to work. Took me pretty much the whole day to recover from the trip. I finally got caught up by the end of the day. We went to the big dog park that night and started unpacking.

Tuesday- Ended up working late. Oh well. Went to the small dog park this time as we met Lola there. Continued to unpack and clean.

Wednesday- Volleyball night. We lost 2 of 3 to the worst team in the league. It was a good reality check that we just aren’t very good. I don’t really think I did anything else.

Thursday- Gun Show. Did pretty well, I was a factor, I didn’t get any points but I felt good. It was 94F and humid when we went so that helps me, as much as I dislike the hot for riding I think it helps my performance relative to others. Thursday night we decided to go to the big dog park. It was hot so we left Popeye at home. We had a good time playing with Stryker. Then we felt bad for Popeye as it was cooling off so we went home, got him and went to the little dog park for another hour. Two and a half hours devoted to dog parks. Chili was beat and it was a lot of fun!

Friday- rode Quarry Ridge at lunch. Was able to do the two steep swoopy parts together without stopping so that was new. I think it’s more worn in because this time it didn’t even look scary. All the stunts at QR are closed because the local trailbuilding chapter has some internal strife. I know I don’t volunteer and work on trails as much as I should (I choose instead to use my position to try and help things corporately) but from what I’ve seen, I want nothing to do with the people who build trails locally. They just are not nice people and certainly are elitist. That evening we had Riz and Hez over to play some games. Don’t know what happened but Hez won some Blokus and followed that up with two Oh Hell wins. Jess also won some Blokus. I recovered in Boggle but then Hez and Riz beat us 3-2 in some best of 5 euchre. It was fun to play some of the 4 player games we haven’t played in a while.

Saturday- Heard Saturday basketball is mostly dead so I skipped and instead went to the Farmer’s Market with Jess. We ran into her parents there and had a good time. Hit Trader Joes on the way home and then I watched the movie Get Rich or Die Trying. We cleaned and stuff in the afternoon and then went to Pets Mart and Circuit City. I got Lego Star Wars II for PS2 which is pretty good but probably won’t be all that challenging. Hit Taco Bell for the new quesadilla (awesome) and then back home. Went to Dean’s Poker Tourney that night which was a blast. I made the final table and had probably the second most chips. Chip leader went all in with pocket 10’s after the flop. I had pocket 9s and got a 9 on the flop, so I had to call. He hit a 10 on the turn and I was done. Guh. So I got the same place as I usually get (like 8th or 9th) but I did it different. Capped the night with some Mario Kart. Heard Hez beat Riz at Mario Kart, must’ve been Hez’s weekend.

Sunday- Took it easy. Got some groceries and read the paper. Jess and I then went to Ratatouille and went to Noodles. The movie was ok, not great but definitely not bad. Got home and Jess and I went on a cleaning binge. We cleaned pretty much everything in the house except for the one thing we set out to clean in the first place (the 2nd bedroom.) I then watched the Brewers blow it. I watched the X-Games rally car too. That is one expensive sport, every car broke stuff about every run. Exciting to watch though in the short X-Games format. Went out to eat with Jess’ parents which was a lot of fun and then we went to the small dog park. Chili had 3 days of pent up energy but there weren’t many dogs there so he still probably has tons of energy.
This week should be more of the same. Jerry is coming into town this weekend for the Levis 100 mile race. Hence why we are cleaning the second bedroom (although I guess he’s probably camping up there Friday and Saturday night.) That should be a lot of fun and I am even considering going up and racing the 50 mile race just for the heck of it. Looking forward to seeing Jerry. How weird would it be to come back two months after you move and have to sleep across the street from your house and not being able to go into your house? I mean after a year or two it wouldn’t be that weird, but it is still fresh. Anyways, it’ll be interesting.