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Monday, November 10, 2008

So Pro...

So I've been waiting to get a new bike frame since about May. Today that dream finally came true, the frame I've been waiting for arrived! Sweet carbon with integrated seatmast. I've got two different seatpost toppers so I'll have to decide which one will be better for me. Still figuring out the component spec, the only things I have for it are wheels, tires and saddle so I'll have a lot of new bike stuff soon. Here are the photos.


Profile Shot:
I haven't weighed the frameset yet and I'll keep you posted. For the bike geek, the headset has an oversized lower bearing so getting that will be a challenge and it has the new press in bottom bracket. Now I am just waiting for the pro contract to come in! :)

GT road bikes are back, I plan to do some Catch and Release this spring!

Can't wait to build it up and ride it. It might be a few months though. :( More pictures will follow in the months ahead.

Cache money...

Well it's been like 2 weeks now since my last blog post...guh! I guess people still read this as I've had comments about not posting for a while.

Here's what we've been doing! Two weekends ago we drank some more wine. Didn't get these photos uploaded in time, but I like them! I really like wine in small doses like a Barriques wine tasting. You get like 2oz of 10 different wines, which makes it pretty fun! Plus you really can't beat the company.

The next week was pretty good. I signed up for a spinning class so I do that twice a week now. Man is that a good workout and it's probably the best way to get me on a bike now that it is cold. But it wasn't always cold. Jerry was in town for a long weekend to defend. I guess it went well because we have to call him Dr. Jerry now. Congrats! Went out to celebrate with him at the Dane as well. The next night was Halloween. Instead of handing out candy we decided since it was 65F out it was perfect geocaching weather. We hit two caches at dusk in the town of Madison, both were in a beautiful prarie/forest area, I loved it. We got back to the car right when it got actually dark, so it was time for our first night cache, Jess, I, two dogs in a dense forest. We assume the forest would have trails in it, but it basically was rough woods, we had to blaze our own trail. A series of clues, maps, reflectors and using our flashlight got us close. The last clue was the hardest and after about 20 minutes of searching we found the cache. That nighttime cache was reason enough for anyone to try caching, super cool!

Even Chili had a great time!

The next day was the day we had planned our big bike cache trip. 30 miles or riding, another 1 or so of hiking and 10 caches! We found the first four with ease, even this little nano-cache (yes there is a little log book in there.)
Jess found cache 4 on some public lands. We even got a prize!

We had to ride our bikes on grass to get to and from it though.

The 5th one was on part of the Ice Age trail and proved to be a challenge as there are like 20 different branches of the trail and all we had was a compass pointer to navagate the trail system. Caches 6 and 7 went poorly. We couldn't find cache 6 and I even went back last Saturday. I have some clues now so I'll have to try again. Cache 7 hasn't been seen in months so people think it's missing (it's in Paoli.) We then rode to Basco and on to the Badger Trail and took that to two more caches before riding back on the road. The 10th and final (and 8th found one) was also near the Badger Trail towards town. A nice long day of caching. Of course we left a very small amount of time to get ready for the Irbys' party, so little our food item sucked and we forgot to bring a ghetto sixer. What we did bring was a couple of fabulous costumes courtesy of Jess! I'll post all the pictures I have of Tracy as well since she is one of the 5 people I know that reads this. She went as the Devil Dog (her boxer Dari.) But the most original costume I have seen in a while were the Yip Yips (You Tube Yip Yips to spur your memory.) Way to go Hez and Tad. I forgot to take photos of other peoples' costumes. The party was spectacular as the Irbys always put on a show. We did a blindfolded apple race, a pumpkin hunt, Devon's Halloween trivia and played lots of games. I even won Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf 2 on DVD! Sweet! Thanks again!

The next morning was 40 and drizzling so I bailed on Jerry's ride. Which was good because he ended up racing and winning a race since I wasn't there to slow down the ride. A succesful trip for Jerry.

The next week was pretty interesting at work. Went out with some friends for wings on Wednesday which was a good time as well. I found out however that I have achillies tendonitis (as a result from my ankle injury) so now I get to rehab that and not play sports. I am getting fat not being able to work out much. I did ride my bike outside a couple times and spin class a couple times. Jess and I also played alot of Little Big Planet on the PS3. The weekend brought more fun and excitement. Game night on Friday went well and was a great time as always! Saturday I watched the movie Made instead of playing basketball. Good flick. We also babysat another boxer (Lola) for the weekend and I took the goofs to the bark park.

It was sad though as there was snow on the ground in places. :( After that I took a nice nap and watched football and got a haircut. Then we went out for some more dusk caching (although this time it was like 38F out.) We went 4 for 5 although we plan to go back for the 5th some other day. This time the dogs stayed home. Here is cache 3 for the day, they come in all shapes and sizes! Cache 4 was a Trek waterbottle, black bottles are hard to find at night without a flashlight. Thanks to some stickers however it is partially a Schwinn waterbottle now! :) The reward for a hard cold day of caching was a nice carmel latte! Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for her) Tracy was working Saturday night and was able to provide us said drink (and a bowl of soup and a cookie) for a nominal charge. The rest of the night was spent with college football, PS3 and house hunters.

Sunday came and it was all about the football! Watched alot of TV, did some housework and hung out with friends and family alike. A nice Sunday. Now it's Monday and another week is upon us. Perhaps I should blog more often...all I care about now is weekend weather good enough to do yardwork...not...good enough to get some more geocaches. 19 and counting...