The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Other news

It appears the grand opening of the Fuddis scheduled for Monday, April 10th. Thanks Barry for the tip! I can’t wait to go there and eat lots of food!!!

This is a good ideaLike there is any questions what is going to happen, let’s increase racial tension…and make fun of a sport that’s already made fun of alot…any coincidence that Nascar won’t be on NBC after this year? I love how cyclists make fun of Nascar, when a criterium is pretty much the exact same thing without the fans. Cyclists can be pretty quick to judge lots of things and then wonder why no one takes cycling seriously. Anyways, Date Line has always been a farce, now it is downright stoopid… I hate that show and I hate when people overreact when watching the show. I am in a minority as a cycling and Nascar fan…I love it! On my last bright yellow bike I would’ve killed for a fun DeWalt/Matt Kenseth graphic kit for it. The roads would’ve probably been safer for me too! Or maybe it would be a bad idea when someone in a big chevy with a #8 sticker in back bumps me out of the way…rubbin’s racin’! Hey, at least it isn’t a Jeff Gordon sticker…

I’ve done some pretty amped up training the last couple of weeks, getting in over 100 cycling miles in the last two days as my yearly total (basically March/April) is approaching 700. Add that to my 500 running miles since October and I’ve got a great aerobic base and both my running and cycling legs are coming. The weight is down as well, any notion I had of racing clydes is pretty much out the door (although with the new Fudd, it can be reversed.) I might crit it up on Sunday even. Yesterday I was riding down Fitchrona and a cop was running radar. He even gunned me out of sheer curiosity I am guessing (31 in a 40 zone.) No other cycling stories except we rode hard enough on Tuesday to make some guy puke…awesome!

Seattle trip is coming soon (not soon enough) so that’ll be nice. Bike is all arranged and should be ready to go! Mark’s Movie Review: Failure to Launch…good show, a decent romantic comedy, too much ex-Steeler QB ass, I am going to go ahead and give it my recommendation.


Well here are the photos and the proud papa!!! :) No pics of the mother yet but I guess she is perky and up-beat and all is well!!! As for me, I am a proud 1st time uncle, it seems like just yesterday we shared a room and the Beav was born and we lived to play Atari. There have been a lot of cute babies born lately and this continues in that fine lineage. They should be realeased Friday morning! Only 8 days and about 16 hours until I get to meet her!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So I think I have a new niece as of last night but I cannot confirm. I woke to lots of missed calls and two akward voicemails from my brother from a random #. Can't track him down (no cell phone) and he used a calling card. Stupid 2 hour time difference meaning it is very early there still. Cell phone is with me non-stop. I feel bad as I anticipate that John didn't pick up either so that sucks that Larkin couldn't get ahold of either of us.

Update: Last night at 6:09 Pacific Standard time Anna Michelle Larson was born! She wouldn't come easy though, instead opting to twist around some and get wrapped up in some umbilical cord. Nothing an emergency C-Section couldn't handle though! Both mother and baby are doing well, I assume Beth is very sore though. 7lbs 13ozs, 20 inches! Brown hair. That's about all I've got, I didn't ask about labor time or anything since I am a guy and I haven't had kids before so I didn't know the exact questions to ask. All I know is in a little over 9 days I get to meet her! We (Jess and I) are so excited!!! I'm an uncle!!!

Oh and for those of you who know Eric (who's making the rounds on the phone) act suprised as I am sure he wants to tell you in person!!! :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

5 more days until the next weekend!

Too bad the weekend was over…1 hour short of other weekends. I packed a lot into Friday and Saturday and chilled on Sunday.

Friday was nice, we went and saw Ice Age 2 and that was good! Went to the mall afterwards, where I always feel out of date and out of place. Didn’t buy anything though. Hit a little Pizza Hut on the way home and that was that.

Saturday I got up early and got in a solid 2 hours of basketball. Then went and ran 10 miles on the treadmill and then it was on to my bike. 53 miles, two wrong turns and lots o’wind. But I made it to Stoughton, Cambridge into Jefferson County, Deerfield, Cottage Grove and back to the Y. Nice ride, nice to be done…a good 7 hours of working out. Went home and chilled out watching some movie called Cookout. Later that evening some friends came over and we played some games. I finally got my Boggle groove back overcoming Jess’ 13 point word (Antelope) by countering with several 6 letter words later. The Bean trading/farming game was a blast actually, too bad I can’t farm like those Bruckners apparently can. Basketball games were boring but such is life.

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. Read the paper and the wind and rain started so I didn’t get out to work out. Went to some wedding show that morning (free prime rib) and did a little shopping. Started the Ape Escape 3 as well, lots of fun! Napped, Nascar, Puzzle and pretty soon it was supper time and then the weekend ended.

Oh yeah, Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper? As expected. Better than Cherry Vanilla Coke but no where near as good as Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Back to the Berries and Cream. Jess enjoyed it but wouldn’t buy it. Barry seemed to be an actual fan. I wouldn’t touch that stuff unless it had some rum in it. No links or photos today...