The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, August 31, 2007

A years worth of posts...

365 posts in a hair under 2!

I've rode my bike for two days in a row (real rides) but that streak ends today. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Soda Finder is pretty cool! Riz and I were checking it looking for Dr. Slice, which wasn't available. Oh well. Word on the street is that you can get it in very limited supply in fountains in regional areas. I haven't seen it in two years.

Getting new neighbors today. Not really neighbors, I mean they live all the way over in Madison...but not too far away. Congrats Hez and Tad! :) Good luck on the move!

Brewers game on Sunday. Although my expectations are no longer playoffs, still hoping they can finish strong.

Work has been insane, but such is life...3 day weekend will hit the spot.

Got two fantasy football teams this year. Both seem slightly above average but neither reeks of greatness. Didn't get a top 2 pick in either league which is huge this year.

That's it, time to play some basketball...have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I get to work today, just another average Monday, no big deal. My co-worker (will call him Dolan, since that is his name) is leaving the place I work and this was his last week. Well it gets to 8am and he isn’t here and I kind of wondered what’s up. Then at 8:15 my boss says, Dolan’s not coming back. What? He e-mailed my boss last night saying he wasn’t coming to work anymore. She didn’t think to check her e-mails from him as most are just CC’s of things for reference. Huh. So there we go, he didn’t train me yet in the products he works with, he didn’t tell us where he is at and what needs to be done and now we don’t have this week to try and get ahead to absorb his work…now we just have to figure it all out and do it ourselves. So 4 days short of his last day, he just quits. He had some BS excuse that made no sense to anyone. Most people would feel bad since they just blew up a reference an 11 years of experience but to each their own. It’s too bad too, I like the guy and wish him luck and work will be much less interesting without him here.

Another less than exciting week is over. It rained almost non-stop all week long. Volleyball was cancelled. Our power went out. Exciting stuff. We tried to take Chili swimming on Saturday but the beach was closed because of EColi. We found another place for him to swim (but without me) and he hated it as usual. Saw Superbad on Saturday. Excellent, it had almost everything I’d look for in a comedy and it’s probably the best comedy I’ve seen this year. Played some games on Saturday night which was a great time. Sunday was all about getting stuff done. Cleaned up the backyard, then Jess’ car, then the whole garage. Threw in a mowing of the lawn, the making of a small garden (which has since got ruined by today’s thunderstorm) and a trip to the dog park in there. Now I am super sore and tired and my allergies are driving me nuts! Guh!

I am however a genius!

Those who know me know that I always come up with awesome ideas. I probably should even be some sort of creative director somewhere. Well Friday’s burst of creativity revolves around a new SNL-type skit. Of course it’d have to be something more cool than SNL is now, which is basically dead. So I was singing some MC Hammer at work (not of that You Can’t Touch this crap either, I mean some Adams’ Family Stomp, acapella style) and it just dawned on me. Why not a skit involving classic Mc Hammer versus classic Vanilla Ice in a freestyle rap battle? How sweet would that be? So there you go, if you are a TV producer or from Mad TV or something, I am giving up a monster idea…for free.