The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Long Island

It's been thundering for 5 straight hours and there is no end in sight. Sounds like the perfect day to try and get caught up back at work. The past week was super busy!

Friday- We got to meet Jenn's new boxer, Moxie, what a cutie! Also watched the movie Definitely Maybe which was definitely interesting. Then a small gathering at the Mundys to celebrate the independence day holiday! Good food and good times once again!
Saturday- Dog park was a good time and we did alot of hanging out! My brother and his GF Ali came to town and we hit Dotty's which is never a bad time.
Sunday- We travelled to Milwaukee to get some Barrel Man bobbleheads and watch the Brewers. They won in a great game on a hot day! John and Ali stayed behind as we came back and had supper with Jess' parents.
Monday- Got up early to get some work in before travelling to Long Island. 16 hour work day basically but it wasn't so bad. We got way ahead on the set-up.
Tuesday- Dunkin Donuts day 1. We finished the set-up early so we had some free time and I talked some people into a ride to the beach. Of course the beach we picked was private so we had to try and find another so we just picked something on a map called Oak Beach and headed there. Unfortunately we had a Griswold like moment:
But I am a rebel and went swimming anyways (all the way up to my knees):

The beach was mostly rocks, seaweed and glass so it was really classy! We stayed about 5 minutes. I usually suck at this type of photo but I actually got one to work:
Oh well...we made up for our poor beach outing with a Slurpee so all was well!

Tuesday evening we had to clean up and get ready for our guests. I met tons of my dealers and had a great time showing them the new products and everything. Then we had a banquet style dinner. Got to share a table with two of my biggest customers, Eric Carter, Hans Rey and some of my co-workers as we definitely had the most fun table of all! The night went pretty late as after that we hit the hotel bar to hang and then after midnight I watched some movie called Cellular.

Wednesday came way too early, 5 hours of bad sleep. Met up with some more dealers in the morning and then the show kind of flattened out. Got some other work done too and one of my reps brought me an iced coffee and a box of Munchkins, nice! Even Hans Rey was trying out the Munchkins! We got to tear down a little early and were done in time to watch the Tour's night coverage. Got some beers and headed to the hospitality suite and watched the tour on 42" of plasma magic.

Thursday was travel day. Got up and made it a Dunkin 3-fer before getting packed up and watching the tour as we waited to leave. Left in time to miss the two tour climbs. Took an unintentional tour of Brooklyn before returning the car and hitting LaGuardia. Not sure if you've ever flown to NYC before but LaGuardia is probably the world's oldest airport as it was way too small, smelly and weird. I wouldn't want to spend much time there although it's so small and does high volume that everything seemed to run smoothly. Got in to Milwaukee without much incident and drove back to Madison, back home by 5:30. Hung out with my lovely wife and pooches the rest of the night.

Now it's Friday morning, time to go play catch-up as I've got three work days left before my next trip (Cleveland).

In other news, sometimes it's just hard to get enthused about getting on a road bike. It's also hard to be enthused about mountain biking as this was one of my all-time favorites and was right by Levis-Trow.