The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am surrounded by dorks...

...and I couldn't be happier!

So we play some Balderdash on Saturday night. On Tuesday I get artwork depicting said events from John Haas. Two were associated with me (Jewel in a biopic called Fangs and Fire Guys which was supposed to be Five Guys.)

Hell yeah, now that's awesome! And I thought Snakes on a Plane was supposed to be the best snake film of the year. I am still awaiting the screenplay.

And then like an hour later the Riz sent me a link and picture. The picture?

Oh yeah! That's the stuff! I love it! Keep it coming! Now we've got to go to Pinball Pete's or I miss the Spaceport!

And my bastard neighbor had to send me this site so I can waste even more time at my computer. But it you play your cards right it'll play the 'Dummies every 5th song so I am pretty happy for 4 out of every 20 minutes.

The Office was awesome tonight.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Geography: I hate Idaho. It sucks and why anyone would want to live there is beyond me. I mean they have two major universities, one has blue turf (which is kind of cool I guess) and one got spurned by Dennis Erickson (evidently Moscow doesn’t have enough taverns.) I mean they make lots of potatoes and stuff which are good. And Taco Time. And fly fishing. I guess it’s ok. But Madison is so much better. I mean we have hot and spicy cheesebread and frozen custard. And potatoes are better with cheese and sour cream or butter…Wisconsin things. And we can lose 1 game and still be ranked ahead of an Idaho school with 0 losses. OK, that’s about all I know about Idaho.

Shopping: Anyways I almost finished Christmas shopping last night. Just have my dad left! So I am pretty happy with that…now I’ve got to (w)rap. Almost done with Groomsman gifts too. I even bought me some Talladega Nights yesterday. Then our neighbors and us went to Macaroni Grill. A good time was had by all, and it’s always nice to go out to eat with a “baby” as it makes me look less like a slob and everyone’s attention is not on you! Thanks for the dinner!

Pets: We bought some of this K9 Custard from Michaels for the dogs. They loved it and it was fun to watch them attack it! On the negative side, this mass thawing and drizzle has made our backyard a mud bath. Our lawn back there sucks anyways so it’s really bad now. And our dogs like to run in and out of the doggy door non-stop. Thus all of the doggy stuff and our entry-way are dirty as hell!

Wednesday’s suck though and I am tired.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I am 100% famous, I made Velo News with a photo taken by one Jerry Long!

Wedding Update 19 Days to go!

19 days to go! 19 days since Thanksgiving! Crazy! Lots of work on tap for this week in hopes that we can enjoy next week and the Christmas holiday before a ton more work the week before. 5 Christmas celebrations in a 72 hour span will be fun! But first this weekend which only contains a work Christmas party, a bachelor party and a birthday party. It’ll certainly be a fat, drunk and stupid weekend!

We applied for our marriage certificate Friday so after a 6-day waiting period we will be allowed by the state to be married. I guess that’s one of the perks of being heterosexual…

We found the perfect entrance music for the wedding last night. I am pretty excited. We also made a list of mandatory songs for the DJ. No we just have to make sure the DJ won’t play J.Bro’s requests (not that the DJ would have anything by the New Pornographers anyways!) Ha! Actually we’ve made a list of five artists we hate that aren’t allowed to be played at the wedding reception. Any guesses?

Games of all sorts!

I know I say all weekends go way to fast but this past one was the fastest of all. Friday we applied for the marriage certificate, determined it was f-ing cold out so we skipped State St and the Fudd and headed home. A little Chilis later we went to Dean’s and played games. I was on the winning Cranium and Trivial Pursuit teams before getting upset in Balderdash. I am so full of myself, I love it! The new Balderdash is totally pimp and now I’ve got to get it.

Saturday am came early but I still played hoops and I actually felt good about my performance (unlike the nice masonry work I did on the court Friday morning.) Got home and rocked some Spicy Cheesebread while watching Guess Who. Now that was a great movie, I loved it. I wonder if they’ll do a sequel ala Meet the Fockers? Watched the Badgers play Marquette on Saturday and then took the dogs to the park. Popeye befriended a St. Bernard it was cute! Got home, made some cappuccino and we left to go to Dodgeball. I mistakenly took Monroe St as Jess has to pick something up at the union. Once she saw Trader Joes well, we had to stop. And stop we did. I was less than enthused, thinking it was an even yuppier version of Whole Foods and I was so right. But that ended up being a good thing, as that place is better than Average Joes! Inexpensive but quality meats, cheeses and desserts made up for all of the natural and healthy crap. I will definitely go there again soon! We get to dodgeball and started watching some games. Finally we play and take 2 of 3 in our first game. The second game we played Greg “he’s everywhere” Blake and smoked them 3-0. We won our final match 3-0 as well thus meriting a spot in the playoffs. The first game we played the team that won the first two tourneys. We actually one the first match and I got their whole team pissed at me. I guess they don’t take kindly to a team that plays smart. The next two games were fought tough but we came out behind in the end. For third place we played my favorite team to play and beat them 2-0 to take 3rd. 3rd out of 14 teams is pretty sweet and we’ve been in the playoffs for two consecutive tournaments now! I think I played pretty well, my throwing wasn’t great but the rest of my game came around. I think we win because we are the smartest most controlled team out there.

Sunday I got up with the intentions of riding. But I was sore and I turned on King Kong and watched it. I missed the ride which I was ok with and King Kong was a decent movie but not as good as I think it was supposed to be. The computer effects were pretty bogus actually as half of the movie looked more animated than Toy Story. Oh well, it was a fun watch. Watched as much of the Colts game as I could stomach and then watched the Packer game at the in-laws which is always a good time, especially when the Packers win! Went out for supper to Hubbard St Diner which is good and then did wedding work the rest of the night. And presto…the weekend was gone!