The Waffle House Chronicles...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a weird weekend…

So after a good week at work, the weekend happened. Friday night we went to Noodles and then to the UW Volleyball game with Hez and Tad. All was good except Iowa kind of sucks at volleyball so the game was super fast! Ran into some familiar faces though so that was cool. Afterward we all went to Borders and hung out for an hour looking at books and stuff. Surprisingly enough it was pretty busy at 9pm on a Friday night.

Saturday morning came early enough and I got in a couple hours of hoops and then got a coffee. Came home and cleaned some house and then off to Pacific Bowl 3. We came out on the short side this year but it was a blast and I had some decent plays. Man, I could do that every Saturday! Came home and hit the hot tub and turned on Michigan/OSU. Pretty good game, outcome wasn’t what I had hoped though. Mike Sinclair was in town too. We all went to dodgeball after that and Mike even got to play for a couple random teams and ended up winning a championship. We did make the playoff tourney at the end of the night (the best 4 make it out of 16, one was us) but we lost our first round game and then lost 2-1 for 3rd place. But it was fun as hell! We even played some indoor soccer between games. It was probably the best tournament we’ve had!

Sunday I was sore as hell. Went for groceries and more coffee before the Packer game and just chilled it all day. I didn’t even eat a single meal, just kind of snacked all day. It was fun, lots of football and games and good times! Here is the crappy part of the weekend though:
Pats 35, Packers 0
Cowboys 21, Colts 14
Jimmie Johnson: Nextel Cup Champion
Fantasy Team: 0 Td’s until 8:30 pm
Worst part was in this Nascar league I am in I was sitting in 30th place ($60+). With 5 laps to go Casey Mears was running 15th, which put me into 2nd ($180.) But alas his engine didn’t want to go 7.5 more miles and let go, dropping me to 4th. Grrr…

Congrats to Kelson for winning the state cross champs and congrats to Jerry who won the WCA Masters cross title with his 2nd place finish on Sunday.

Short week this week is much needed. Berbee Derby on Thursday, Black Friday on Friday, Hez’s Birthday on Saturday…rockin!