The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, November 18, 2005

“Burrito Hustla”

Person of the Week: Shiroma

He got a new bike. It’s a singlespeed, rigid 29er:Anyone who owns a bike like this is either weird or trying to be weird. Shiroma however pulls off the weird in his own unique way. He’ll spend one night at 24MOTAB and the following night at the golf course and the night after that eating free bacon and Wandos and the night after that playing hockey. Makes me wonder if he ever spends time with his fiancée. Anyways…all those things beside, the reason he is the Person of the Week is:

I am the Burrito Hustla! Might take a minute or two to load...worth it!

We have an office in Olney, Il. Think Rice Lake, but poorer and with more meth labs. The whole town is built around a Wal-Mart DC and the fact that they have white squirrels. They have truck pulls and people fish by swimming in a river, sticking their hand out with bait and then the catfish bite their arm and they pull them up. They all drink Bud (and Bud products) They used to have oil there so there are some oil derricks (some which are still running today.) Houses cost roughly $50000 (the nice ones!) Like Iowa with less corn. It's like Kentucky with less churches. Basically, it is a good place to drink beer with fun people and always a good time.

Anyways, one of my co-workers down there (John) is hilarious! He isn't at work today but here is his out of office e-mail:
I am sorry but I am not here to read your email.We had a bad storm wednesday night and a tree blew over and landed on our outhouse. That is OK though because we need the firewood (of course the outhouse was kinda handy also) I had to wait a couple of days to start the work process because there was a family of jack-a lopes- living in a hole under this ol tree and they needed time to relocate. I guess everything really does happen for a reason because my wife was telling me she saw a skunk pass by the outdoor house just the other day holding a paw up to it's nose and thought maybe the smell was getting a little out of hand....time not only for a new outyer door house but a fresh clean smelling hole underneath it too . So I am at home digging and hammering away trying to get this project done in time for the big family thank the giving holiday get together....I should be back Monday November the 21 two thousand and five If you are in dire need of assistance , feel free to contact (editied) at ext.2290 or (edited)

Here is his one from last time:
I am sorry but I am not here to read your email, I am home working on the house because my other says she is not going through another winter with no doors ( I thought the bedsheets worked real well) and a big hole in the wall where I accidently drove my truck into it when I was trying to find out what that clunking noise was .....turned out it was my breaks falling apart.
I will be out the entire week of October 24th. I will return Monday October 31st if I survive the haunted houses. If you are in dire need of assistance , feel free to contact (edited) at ext.2290 or (edited)


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am not sure what the rule is about stealing ideas from other blogs, but a blog one seperation to mine clued me in to this link. The link itself was two seperations (on the blog of a friend of a friend) just so you know. I don't feel bad though...this is awesome!

This is me as a South Park character. Pretty cool huh? You can make yourself here.

You can’t save them easily but if you go ALT and Print Screen at the same time, you can paste it into an e-mail or word and then crop it. If you get something funny or good, e-mail it to me, I'd love to see it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not much going on here! I had my 6-month review yesterday and well, I still work here! Actually it went pretty well! How I Met Your Mother is the most underrated show on TV right now. Who would’ve thunk Neil Patrick Harris could have a serviceable adult acting career? I am awaiting the return of Kirk Cameron!
Lonely blog contest! Hez is edging out Riz! Who will update first?

Cross Racing on Sunday in the Sun Prairie...Racing with Jesus is back! My goal=not last! I guess I should try to beat J.Bro also...but that is doubtful!

Leffler is back in the Busch Series in 2006, so that's cool!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Poker- Evidently I suck at poker. I used to think I was average but my recent showings have classified me as well below average. It’s funny also how groups of friends can intersect. I’ve never really hung out with the Grosskopf entourage but I am a sucker for games. Funny thing is that Dean has gotten to know Riz through me but has known Kari for a long time. In fact one of Dean’s best friends is also really good friends with Kari. Anyways, 20 people, 7 to a table (and 6 on one) all with the intention of meeting up at one table when people were eliminated. Well Pacific Cycle people are good people to invite to poker night as Stephen and Mike went all in (along with a third person, Mike’s GF) on the first hand and lost. 2 minutes in, and 2 of the 7 Pacific Cycle people were gone. 10 minutes later, Pacific Cycle’s finest (myself) was also out. 17 people left. The next to go was Pacific Cycle’s Jordan. Guh! Riz fell out along with lots of random and Koebs (PCer too.) The final table had like 6 people, but included Dean, Kari and Jess! Jess was kicking butt! She made some mental errors late though and settled for 4th. Dean ended up taking Kari in the final…pretty cool! In the mean-time I played on a side table for like 2 hands before getting beaten by Stephen. Rough! Kari did get her revenge in game two, besting Dean, but those two are definitely poker all-stars! Poker rankings as of today are:
1.Dean, 2.Kari, 3.Koebs, 4.Riz, 5.Jess, 6.Barry, 7.Stephen, 8.Russ 9.Jordan 10.Mark. They are the only people I can think of that I’ve played multiple tourneys with this year. No worries though…I’ll keep playing, I am not afraid! Keep your eyes peeled for a poker game in mid-December at our place!!!

The more I play Karaoke Revolution Party, the more I confirm my original diagnosis. We plan on making a playable Popeye character soon. I am also going to try and create other characters as well, I need to find some side profile shots of random celebs.

Stupid Badgers…Awesome Packers! Colts win, Batch gets hurt, KuBusch gets suspended, Leffler 7th, Wolverines dominate, Larkin sees Seahawks in person, I win 5 more dollars for having the high score in fantasy football.

Riz, if you are out there, have you had the Steak Chipotle burrito yet? Gotta get there this week! Barry, anyone? 720 calories of goodness!