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Monday, November 14, 2005

Poker- Evidently I suck at poker. I used to think I was average but my recent showings have classified me as well below average. It’s funny also how groups of friends can intersect. I’ve never really hung out with the Grosskopf entourage but I am a sucker for games. Funny thing is that Dean has gotten to know Riz through me but has known Kari for a long time. In fact one of Dean’s best friends is also really good friends with Kari. Anyways, 20 people, 7 to a table (and 6 on one) all with the intention of meeting up at one table when people were eliminated. Well Pacific Cycle people are good people to invite to poker night as Stephen and Mike went all in (along with a third person, Mike’s GF) on the first hand and lost. 2 minutes in, and 2 of the 7 Pacific Cycle people were gone. 10 minutes later, Pacific Cycle’s finest (myself) was also out. 17 people left. The next to go was Pacific Cycle’s Jordan. Guh! Riz fell out along with lots of random and Koebs (PCer too.) The final table had like 6 people, but included Dean, Kari and Jess! Jess was kicking butt! She made some mental errors late though and settled for 4th. Dean ended up taking Kari in the final…pretty cool! In the mean-time I played on a side table for like 2 hands before getting beaten by Stephen. Rough! Kari did get her revenge in game two, besting Dean, but those two are definitely poker all-stars! Poker rankings as of today are:
1.Dean, 2.Kari, 3.Koebs, 4.Riz, 5.Jess, 6.Barry, 7.Stephen, 8.Russ 9.Jordan 10.Mark. They are the only people I can think of that I’ve played multiple tourneys with this year. No worries though…I’ll keep playing, I am not afraid! Keep your eyes peeled for a poker game in mid-December at our place!!!

The more I play Karaoke Revolution Party, the more I confirm my original diagnosis. We plan on making a playable Popeye character soon. I am also going to try and create other characters as well, I need to find some side profile shots of random celebs.

Stupid Badgers…Awesome Packers! Colts win, Batch gets hurt, KuBusch gets suspended, Leffler 7th, Wolverines dominate, Larkin sees Seahawks in person, I win 5 more dollars for having the high score in fantasy football.

Riz, if you are out there, have you had the Steak Chipotle burrito yet? Gotta get there this week! Barry, anyone? 720 calories of goodness!


  • I wish I hadn't read the 780 calories. I tried them last Thursday, looking for a pick-me-up after a rough day at work. My mind played tricks on me and I though the fajita's were brought back under a new name. Alas, I was made a fool of. They are not as good as the fajitas, replacing the veggies with beans. I haven't isolated the sauce yet to figure out how it ranks, but the burrito is overpriced (as is most stuft burritos), however it is filling.

    By Blogger Riz, at 11/14/2005 12:25 PM  

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