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Thursday, November 03, 2005

So last night Jess and I decided to join the Princeton Club for our free two week memberships! Actually Jess joined the day before and has a half hour of stair mastering under her belt. Well back to the story, yesterday morning I played basketball as I usually do on Wednesdays and then ran 5 miles at lunch. So we went to the Princeton Club and decided to do a spinning class. It is basically a bike aerobics class. Well the pace and tempo of this session was very high as the instructor said we were going to squeeze 1:15 into 1:00. I haven't sweat that badly in a long time, we cranked hard! I felt awesome and sore afterwords and Jess felt pretty much the same (and into today also.) Not sore enough however to not break spokes as on my lunch ride together I broke a spoke in my rear wheel. I was able to finish with no rear brake and Ply's got it up and running. Speaking of running, I've ran for 7 days in a row now! I'll run on Friday also and take Saturday off (basketball and football instead.) This has been my most impressive week of cross training ever. I'll be ready for the Berbee Derby and the MSCR Basketball League in no time!

Friday night = games...if you have a hankerin' for some Boggle or Oh Hell, shoot me an e-mail!

Oh yeah, Little Ceasars is now open on the west side so it will be a $5 Hot and Ready for me tomorrow night!

I think I need to add a photo of something, so I am going to see what I have and post it here:

I wonder what Riz is doing right now???


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