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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love…does anybody read this thing anymore? I’ve gotten like 2 replies in the past two week and both are from J.Bro. I even post a controversial video game list towards my target audience and still nothing. I don’t even require one to be a blogspot member or anything. So if you are reading this give me some reply love so I am inspired to continue. This blog started out great, faded a bit but I am trying my hardest to make it one of the Top 5 blogs you read. And tell me if you think my blog sucks and I’ll go ahead and kill it…

Anyways, the weekend was decent! Friday we went to the Wisconsin Bike Federation Fund Raiser and had a good time. Free beer and Free Qdoba and Pizza Hut don’t hurt. Garett even won the silent auction for a steal on a road bike and a decent deal on some wheels. We won a bike fitting and performance test with Robbie Ventura…cool! Saturday was the corn maze extravaganza! There were many different strategies in place which would explain why Stephen and Emily finished in 30 minutes, us in 50 and everyone else in 2+ hours. The hacky sack and Jess’ clutch horseshoes made for a fun wait however. Hit the Macaroni Grill (I recommend, Jess does not) and then I nursed a killer headache the rest of the night. Was fortunate enough to also complete Jak 2 and see Lance on SNL. Sunday was the Packer game. Although I thought I would be disappointed from the start we still had a chance until the end. JT Whitneys also happened Sunday night and I am still on summer time as now I go to bed and wake up even earlier! Dean and I dressed up on Monday to be the cast of Dodgeball, I as a lame Vince Vaughn and Dean as a less lame (but still probably lame) Ben Stiller. Needless to say we didn't win the costume contest. I'll post a photo if I can find one.

Workouts have continued and I almost ran a marathon (in the past week total of course) with 25.6 miles in my first week of running. Basketball season is also around the corner and Prince and The Revolution plans to dominate the MSCR! Berbee Derby in just over 3 weeks. I wonder what Riz is doing right now?


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