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Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday we played poker. In true Riz fashion I was out early in the first two games. Seems like I have a dumb hand each game about a half hour in that blows through all my chips. I need to eliminate that so I can get towards the final and try to intimidate. What I need to do is get some CD’s so I focus on poker and talking smack and not so much about music. Anyways in the third game I was playing well and had great cards, until it got to Russ and I where he killed me softly until I was done. On the plus side I won as many games as Dean, the Sinclairs, Jordan and Andy so I’ve got that going for me. And I did well playing darts, Jenga and watching Harold & Kumar so not all was lost!

Saturday was homecoming. Instead of cross racing Saturday morning I got the hot tub chemicalized and used it and played like an hour and a half of Boggle on the computer. Exciting stuff. We then all headed down to the Camp Randall for some tailgating/Badger game/homecoming action. I rode my bike down there and froze, it seemed to get cooler and cooler. On the plus side Dahl showed up with tickets and the Badgers finally didn’t blow one to Purdue. It was a great game and an awesome time! One thing I reaffirmed is that I need to learn how to play beer pong, it looks awesome and is all the rage with the students. So expect in the next month that I’ll play beer pong, maybe Beav can show Riz and I how.

Saturday night I had Papa John’s Deep Dish pizza. I recommend it, it is similar to Rockys with a buttery crust.

Sunday we celebrated Jess’ birthday with the family. It even looked for a half that the Packers would help celebrate too but Edinger just can’t be stopped. He’s my favorite kicker in NFL history (I even like to pull out the Edinger when I go bowling) but it’s a shame he had to be a Bear first and now a Viking (and that was after being a Michigan State Spartan.) So my teams went 4-1 this week (way to go Lions, Colts and Wolverines.)

I don’t normally post movie reviews (and this isn’t one) but last night we went to a movie and I feel compelled to tell you about it. The movie is Elizabethtown. First of all I am a Kirsten Dunst fan and if you can’t stand her then you certainly will dislike this movie. This movie accomplished what Welcome To Mooseport couldn’t…it had believable small-town characters and decent lead acting. The soundtrack is extremely compelling and is almost a must-have. Critically this movie did badly. Makes me wonder what makes a good movie to a critic. To me this is one of those movies that matters. I couldn’t wait to see how it would all end but just as much I was sad when it was over; I really enjoyed the journey. It is probably safe to say that this was the best romantic comedy I’ve seen and I enjoy most of them. Jess liked the movie too! But after thinking about this movie and relating it to people I know I am not sure I can recommend it to anyone. This movie certainly isn’t for everyone. So I guess I’ll spend the week in my Elizabethtown haze and wonder why I don’t go to more movies…

I wonder what Riz is doing right now?


  • Well you missed a helluva cross race at Cam-Rock! Wait - I don't have anything to compare it to, so just ignore my opinion about it. I had fun though.

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 10/24/2005 1:06 PM  

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