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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Games People Play!

I know you all are anxiously awaiting the games update, so here you go! The night started out with Tad, Hez, Jess and I playing Uno. I was continuously getting destroyed! But such is life I guess! Then Riz and Kari showed up toting some Qdoba burritos (for the record Jess and I had Papa Johns and Hez and Tad had Noodles.) Let me just say this, Kari either needs burrito eating practice or more skill. Who has to eat a burrito with a fork? Of course she had lots of excuses but the overall display was weak. That and I saw corn falling out of it which is never a good sign with a burrito. Anyways we played Oh Hell next, which is probably my favorite game. I won my second game in a row (thank god for trump on the last hand.) Jay showed up next, with guess what…a Qdoba burrito! Like Riz, he had no problem controlling the beast! We then proceeded to play Boggle. Playing Boggle with 6 people is tough as lots of words get cancelled out (and of course the two shortest people sat furthest away from the board) Of course the shortest of them all (Hez) took the title on Friday night with 16 points in 6 rounds. Her and Riz winning the last two rounds of Boggle? What is this world coming to? Next was Taboo, with the dream team of Jess, Kari and Riz kicking our butts (twice.) Once that was done we had a guest appearance from none other than Jason Vale. A little Imaginif was played next and somehow I was able to win (thanks Kari for challenging me and getting us both 4 points!) Finally charades! It has been a while since it was played and I’ve never played with Jay but with Vale there it was mandatory. Vale proceeded not to disappoint with quality acting and genuine frustration! All and all a great night of gaming!

As for Saturday…what a day! I finally hooked up the ice maker and we proceeded to have brown ice (stupid rusty pipe!) I also kicked some Jak II butt, hopefully I’ll be done with that game soon! We then watched the Badger/Michigan game, go Badgers! I can’t believe they pulled that one out! Jess, I and my parents will be there this Saturday! Finally as the night got late they showed the Ironman on TV. It got me excited for next year, the TV coverage was actually half-way decent. Jess and I rode the bike course the day before the race and I totally missed this very tight 40mph corner, I felt like an idiot as I went flying right up someone’s driveway right up to where 3 children were playing. Well on the TV broadcast the 3rd and 4th place riders chasing the leaders also bailed this same corner. It is the most insane downhill corner I’ve seen and since it was recently peagraveled, the surface isn’t great and it is easy to miss! Can’t wait to try it again!!!


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