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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The carnage: I cleaned the bikes last night, here is what I found:
Mark’s Bike: Bent derailleur hanger, sliced rear cable housing with broken ferrule (explains the shifting issues)
Jess’s Bike: Ruined chain and cassette, dirt in headset and front hub (needs an overhaul)

Anyone good at and want to repack some bearings?

Here is a picture of me on the first lap. Just a butt load of rain at this point, this photo was about a minute after the loudest clap of thunder on the day but before it got super muddy!

Oh yeah, there is a big debate over a specific bike racer who cheated during the elite race. He says he didn't, his reputation before was sketchy at best and about 40 spectators saw him cheat and turned him in. Technically he even broke 3 rules, not just one. So along with the weather, this race might be the most talked about race ever! For the record I didn't cheat in this race (or any race for that matter) and my 13th place in my age group was earned! :) No short-cuts, no performance enhancing drugs, no assistance from other riders, no bike swaps, no sitting out for a lap, none of that going on here, I rode (mostly walked & trudged) the whole course!

Oh yeah, another teammate...Shelley at the finish!


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