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Sunday, October 09, 2005

FLORIDA!!! Tomorrow monring Jess and I will be leaving for Florida for a week! That means no blogging for a whole week! Whatever will you do? I recommend going to one of the two major comedy shows in Madison this week or the Nine Inch Nails concert. Or do a couple cyclocross races next weekend! Plenty to do! Can't wait to post about all the fun we had upon our return!

Volleyball is done, we pissed down our leg last Tuesday losing all 3 and likely assuring us 2nd place. We just couldn't get the rhythm going and the team we played was definately pretty decent!

Thursday we our work put on an Amazing Race on State Street for employees. We were put in teams of 5 or 6 and basically had to scavenger hunt our way up and down State St. Our team (Jess and I, Julie, Nick and Bob) appeared pretty average on paper and we didn't run like some other teams. We did however pick up all but one extra credit question, were very efficient and made no errors. At our destination of State Street Brats, we ran up the stairs and finished. We awaited the results...and once they were tabulated...we were first place!!! Awesome! It was nice to get the recognition of our co-workers and a $50 gift certificate! A fun night. The fun night was for naught the next morning at work. I guess they did a recount and a math error gave us the victory (they didn't give enought points to one other team.) We were actually second place, so that was a bummer! I thought the results should stand as the awards were given and everything but such is life. We did get to keep the 1st place certificates however, so not all was lost.

Stupid Badgers...

Way to go Packers! Way to go Lions!

I wonder what Riz is doing now?


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