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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Congratulations!!! I’ve known a lot of news this past month and a half but have had to keep much of it secret.

But not anymore! J

First things first, Larkin and BTBA are having a baby! It is due in the spring. I will be an uncle!!! Yep, a first-timer! I am very excited for them and can’t wait!!! So look for me to visit Seattle a time or two next year! And they had a sex test (or ultrasound for you PHD’s out there) and it is going to be a girl. At least it should be. Thus it will unlikely be named Steve. Which leads me to news item #2.

On September 18th (I think technically) Isadora Luna was born to my good friends Andy and Mary Jo. Wasn’t a Steve after all but instead a beautiful girl coming from truly beautiful people. Those who don’t know them might remember Andy from poker on Friday (that guy who only got to play like two hands) and Mary J owns Renew Vintage, check out the link on the side.

Last but certainly not least Russ is getting married! Yes, that Russ! He’s getting married! Word on the street is that he and his fiancée are going to be on State St on Saturday night. All signs point to Russ not stealing any signs, posters, neon glow boards or toilet toppers. I am hoping to get to know Angie (the fiancée) better as I’ve only gotten to meet her once since Russ keeps her holed up in Columbus, Ohio. Fortunately Russ currently lives in the land of hockey fandom free agency and can become a Blue Jackets fan. Yep, Russ is leaving. The Russell farewell and bachelor parties are in the works as we speak. Russ, good luck and you’ll be missed.

So for those of you outside the loop or from different circles are now posted on what’s all going on with the Madison and Larson crew…


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