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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Score! We had a health fair at work today and they gave out door prizes! I won my choice of any pair of New Balance shoes I want and a 3 month membership at the Princeton Club! That is really cool! Jess also won a 3-monther at the Princeton Club so looks like we will be members for a while! Too bad I just bought some Nike Shox for running and it looks like New Balance doesn’t make much in the way of basketball shoes so I am still wait and see on those. But with the Ironman coming up it might pay to get a 2nd pair of running shoes so maybe I’ll do that. I also have some free 2-week membership coupons at the Princeton Club if anyone would like to try it with me. They have a resistance swimming pool and 24-hour hoops! They also have an Ironman training class I am considering. $299 for 8 weeks but they do a bunch of tests and fun stuff like that. I am not canceling the Y membership any time soon as I have a nice group of hoops players and friends there so no worries! Hoops and lifting will still happen there!


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