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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I found a website that is essentially a Hall of Fame for Video Games! How cool is that? I agree with some of their games (Pitfall, Sim City, Mega Man 2, Mortal 2, Tetris) I disagree with others (New Castlevania, Smash TV) and find a bunch of notable omissions (Ape Escape, GTA 3, Ninja Gaiden.) Mario Kart on N64 was far superior than the Super Nes version. Also missing are many arcade games, Frogger, Tron & Toobin’ come to mind here. Where’s Burger Time? I am glad they included Marble Madness, not my favorite but a cool game nonetheless. I’ll have to come up with my top games of all time. Of course many of mine would be newer so maybe I’ll have to do top games by system to avoid bias. Currently I am 90% done with Jak 2 and hoping to complete if by the end of the weekend.


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