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Friday, October 28, 2005

What would democrats talk about if W wasn't in office? I mean those democrats who care about politics. Just imagine if John Kerry or Al Gore were president, what would democrats do with their time?

I guess a bunch of politicians are getting busted for perjury and stuff. Just another day in America. I could probably write this same statement a week/month/year from now and still be accurate. Trust. Do I trust politicians? As a whole...yes. If I got arrested and asked to step down any time I made a mistake I'd likely live in the alley by the Red Shed. Some mistakes are totally bogus. But others like when someone takes a phone call about campaign fund raising while on the clock or something stupid like that...big deal.

Politics in America: Vote for the less of two evils and spend every waking moment defending or bashing whomever is in office. I see bumper stickers saying He's Not My President on them. That is the most ridiculous sticker ever. I love America, I hate W, W is my president.

Wow, not sure where this came from, just sick of this anti-America sentament I see and hear. But I respect the rights behind it! I am sure J.Bro stopped reading this after line 1 because he is all into that Poli-Sci/Law stuff and knows all the flaws to my arguments before I argue them but in case you are still reading, here is the most bogus thing of all:

From more beer tents in Cyclo-cross The UCI has banned cyclo-cross races from passing through beer tents, one of the hallowed traditions in many Belgian events. The decision was made on the grounds that it was unsafe, on the basis of remarks made by Richard Groenendaal last year about the difference in inside/outside temperatures and the danger of being hit by beer glasses. However, Groenendaal said that his comments were not intended to be taken that way.

Couldn't they make them just drink out of plastic? I think having a cross race pass through a beer tent is pure genius! I will add it to the list of things I didn't invent that I should have. Of course it will be below Qdoba, I kick myself every day for not inventing a made to order burrito place!


  • maybe i'll comment on all of your posts. i also wish i envented qdoba. i wish i invented egg beater pedals too. i would be rich.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 11/01/2005 3:38 PM  

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