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Friday, November 11, 2005

Why the west-side Damon’s went out of business: The food sucks! I had a coupon for a free entrée so I went to the one remaining Damon’s. Tons of TV’s, Half price apps and Taps, Trivia, Sports Baresque menu, Damon’s should have it all. Well the only reason to go is to hang out in the bar. They should turn half the place into bar. I arrived at 5:30 and saw the other 3 cars in the packing lot. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have awesome appetizers and at half price (along with Leinie’s Red) I don’t know why the bar isn’t always packed. But then I ordered a burger. It was a typical bacon cheese burger with fries. Now I am a big fan of soft soggy fries…most people hate them. But these fries were too soggy for me. But that was the highlight of the plate. The burger itself was hardly ingestible. It was among the worst Burgers I ever had. The bun was terrible, it was some sort of hard roll and I can’t imagine anyone liking it. The meat itself was greasy but not in a good way. The taste was non-existent. Overall it was a terrible experience. This was the fourth time in two years I have eaten non-appetizers at Damon’s and the best time was average at best. Damon’s has a niche…it is the best place in town for Happy Hour but should be avoided at all costs outside the hours of 4-7pm. Oh yeah and I lost to the other guy playing trivia…stupid movie trivia!

On to the better part of my evening, after going to 8 stores I finally found the Karaoke Revolution Party (KRP) packaged without the microphone at the mall. I also bought a used Eye Toy. With my $55 investment in karaoke (I’ve now spent $195 on the KR series) I went home. I hooked up the Eye Toy and after futzing for about 15 minutes I was able to film my face and save it! Frickin’ awesome! I then created my character and was able to morph my face onto it and even mess and try to make my body type. The result is the Playstation version of me! While my outfit leaves a little something to be desired I have pretty smooth moves. The song list leaves much to be desired, 50 songs (15 more than other versions) but the amount of songs I like are less. The cool features are if you are perfect on a song you can go Diamond (twice so far) and there are dance modes that incorporate either the Eye Toy or the Dance Pad. KRP has the most potential and has some decent songs. I foresee a lot of singing this weekend! Everyone will have to come over and make themselves…especially Russ! Then Russ will be a character in the game and everyone can play as Russ!


  • I understand the disappointment in Damons, but I do applaud your initiative to try something new there. I think Damons should become a full bar (and smoke free at that). I really haven't missed it either, even the buffalo tenders have been less than awesome last few trips.

    Congrats on the KRP find, I'll have to wait for my singing parter to duet again.

    By Blogger Riz, at 11/14/2005 7:42 AM  

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