The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas! Ok, I know it is almost New Years but I’ve been super-busy the past week and a half and show no signs of slowing down the next week and a half! Anyways, here is the recap!

Wednesday we got done with work for the week! What a relief! I seriously fell asleep on the couch at 7pm and woke up the next morning! I played basketball that morning at the east side, picked Jess up and went to McD’s for breakfast and then a shopping bonanza! I got some sweet New Balance running shoes that are supposed to help my stride and will be my primary running shoes for the Ironman. We also went to Charleys steakery for some of the best cheesesteaks around! After shopping we went to a movie. Fun with Dick and Jane. If you have the opportunity to see this in the theater…pass! It will be an ok rental but all the funny parts are in the preview. The story and last 20 minutes were interesting but everything else was pretty blah! They could have easily made this funnier and with more classic scenes but didn’t so I am a little confused. Regardless I don’t think anyone would love this movie, nor would anyone hate it. In the scheme of things this movie is basically irrelevant. Not bad, not good, not really worth the time of money. Rent it or HBO it. That night we went over to the Smulka house and went to the Great Dane and then through the fantasy of lights.

Friday I couldn’t sleep, I got up at a little before 4 and made some CD’s and printed some things and wrapped some presents. I then played basketball and got home and Jess and I finished up the Xmas shopping. I then went to Taco Bell on State St…and chilled and watch Napolean Dynamite. That night was Christmas at the Smulkas! We opened up a buttload of gifts. We went to Whitneys and it was a total suckfest! They have legendary fries and they ran out of them and subbed in some OreIda or some other crap! Utter bogusness!

Saturday it was time to venture north…but not before one last rendezvous with the Smulkas! A little breakfast and we were off! We went to BRF that afternoon and hung out and got smoked at euchre. We opened some gifts and then on to Rice Lake!

Sunday was more of the same, lots of gifts and lots of food and lots of family!!! I got too many things to list, maybe I’ll just post the photo of all my gifts when I get a chance! Monday was full of games galore and Tuesday full of work and driving! Guh!

Geez now I feel like Riz since it’s been over a week since I updated…at least I am not like Hez who’s blog is one week away from being declared dead.

Anyways, the good word is New Years. Come over and play games and have some brews or whatever. This post sucks too, that makes two sucky posts in a row. If I keep this up Shiroma will stop reading. Oh yeah, I got Midnight Club 3 but so far all I can race in is San Diego…that sucks! I want to race in Hot-lanta and Detroit baby! Hopefully I’ll get there this weekend!
Look in the next few weeks for some exciting new features and some 2005 year in review action!