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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of an era...

Friday was bike to work day. It's a pretty sweet day of work, that's for sure. Ride into work. Have a catered breakfast from Atlantic Bread Company. Work was laid back as everyone was in a pretty good mood. In case we weren't gut bombed enough, we had Glass Nickel Pizza for lunch. It really pays to ride in (we also get triple the commuter incentive in May, or almost $400 towards a bike if I ride every day.) Oh yeah, bike commuters also got to leave at 3pm to ride their bike. We headed up to Rice Lake that evening.

Here's me on the ride in:

This weekend was the end of an era. My mom retired from teaching. She had been teaching for 20 or so years, mostly 5th grade in Barron. I had her as a substitute teacher when I was in 5th grade. Although it's hard for teachers to get recognized she did win a state teacher of the year award a few years ago with her methods in science teaching. She'll be missed more than most. We went to her ceremony in Barron on Saturday night. It was a pretty sweet deal with a huge buffet and great desserts. The ceremony itself ran way long (6 of them retired) but it was a good time. The rest of the weekend was spent lounging in Rice Lake, I seemed to really lack energy.
All the retirees wore Hawaiian shirts as they wanted to say they are out of here on vacation:
We as a family supported my mom and got decked out in classic 80's Hawaiian garb:
Not sure what happened in Rice Lake since I left but someone thought it appropriate to give my Mom a Packers colored beer bong (it was a roast event.)
Sunday we cruised back and I tried the new $.79/89/99 menu at Taco Bell. I tried each of the "new" items on there and if you get the chance, pass. Not only were they not good, two of them (cheesy double burrito and the big taste burrito) remained only half-eaten. The cheesy roll-up is cheese on a soft shell (why wouldn't they just make the cheesearito?) The triple layer nachos were just plain boring. We then went to the dog park and intended to go watch some bike racing but instead we watched the Brewers and hung out with Jess' family. Good times!
Monday hit hard. Had to go to work early to catch up (and I did.) Rode Quarry Ridge at lunch which was really nice. Might have to go back today. Tried to cook a steak on a charcoal grill but I have no idea how old the charcoal was (Jess claims it could be 6-8 years old) so I had a tough time firing. I did just throw the steak on for an hour and it cooked pretty well as I picked up dog poop and mowed the lawn and then determined the steak done (enough.) Went to the Chainsmokers meeting and we worked on our biggest project. So if you are reading this you might as well just send me a check for $10 (or $20 if you want to bring a date) and buy a ticket from me, since I'm going to ask anyways! :)