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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dari- Photo Share!

So tonight I got to hang out with boxer pup Dari. One change though, 5 month Dari is now 40lbs. She is growing up so fast. After work I met up with Tracy for some comfort food at the Hubbard Ave Diner. Good eats. We then went back to their house to play some Wii and so I could try to wear out Dari. Only problem was, 2-1/2 hours of play, and she was still ready to rough-house it. She is insane, so much energy and just wanting to play! She'd jump all over me. It was so much fun, I don't think Chili was even half this crazy as a puppy. Good thing she is so cute!
Oh yeah, it was fun to hang out with Tracy too. Thanks for letting me come over and play with Dari!

Life or something like it…

So Jess is off to Seattle and I get to live the bachelor life. First on my agenda is to eat some reheated pizza. Yesterday was fun. Went to the doctor and found out I have plantar faciliitis. I was basically told not to do anything stupid like go running or play basketball. Guh! Hopefully with ice, stretching and rest it will heal up. She gave me a brochure and well, I am surprised it took me to long to get plantar faciliitis. I guess running really is stupid. I did play basketball this morning and I have been resting it and it feels better each day…just not good. Later in the afternoon I took the dogs for a walk and then Jess and I ordered pizza and got caught up on some TV. My DVR was acting funky so that’ll will merit keeping an eye on. And my cell phone is about dead, no outbound calls unless I hit speed dial. And I only know the speed dial of three people. I’ve been eligible for a new phone for a few months now, so anyone with Cingular and some input on a cool phone, let me know. I did ride my mountain bike at Quarry Ridge yesterday. Rocked the smallest of the three sisters jumps with ease and had a good ride with no crashes and perfect mountain biking weather. Oh yeah, back to the doctor, she kept saying "older men need to" in reference to things I need to do (older men often need to eat better to keep cholesterol down, older men need to check for these things, etc.) Am I now part of older men? I can race masters class in cycling now, I have gray hairs, I am sore every morning, ...guh, I am older men. How soon before I have to go buy a 'vette?

So where did summer go? Really, where? I was trying to think to myself what I did this summer. And beyond our Colorado trip and a couple other moments (Belleville Bike Race, and a couple weekend things) I have no idea what I did with my time. I guess this was the summer of rest, friends and dogs. It’s been more than 3 months since we were in Colorado and it seems like 3 weeks. Of course my sole focus right now is to return to Colorado and climb 2-3 more mountains. I’m hooked. Quandary and maybe a Grey’s/Torreys double and I’d like to rock some more too and get back up to Evans (not on a bike this time.) Hopefully some epic Indiana mountain biking will hit the spot for me before we get snowed in.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now, I should be able to find something better to do than type, even with Jess being gone.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Every Dog has his (bad) day...

Well Chili’s mouth thing wasn’t as simple as we thought. I just assumed they’d yank 10 teeth and that would be it and he’d be himself again soon. Well, that wasn’t the case. It’s more like oral surgery as they have to cut open the gum, extract the tooth and sew it back up, he’s got 5 large areas stitched up. No action for Chili for two weeks. So my bachelor life got a lot more bachelor as my main bark-park buddy can’t even go so I even get to not hang out with my boxer friends. Oh yeah, this whole thing wasn’t cheap, we could’ve got 2-3 new boxers for what is cost to fix the one we have. And the vet wanted Chili to stay longer to recover from anesthesia and we went and ran some errands and to add to the great Friday night my car died. Somehow by fiddling with some wires I got it to start (after about 5 minutes) so who knows what happened, but I expect an even more untimely death on the horizon. We go to Indiana soon so I’ll predict then (either the morning we leave or the morning we drive back.) So I wish I could steal some credit for this cool costume, but Stryker will have the best boxer halloween costume this year...

I wonder what the Riz is doing right now?
Late Friday night my parents, the Beav and his GF Ali came to town. We just hung out Friday night. Saturday we got up and headed down to the Badgers game. We hit a house party near the stadium (yes, my parents are cool enough to get us into pregame tailgates with free drinks) and played some beer pong. Hopefully Mom can share some photos with me so I can share them with you! The game was fun, somehow my dad got Northern Illinois tickets so we were in the NIU section. And their fans made a somewhat boring game really interesting. Post game consisted of shopping, dining (Abuelos rocks) and games. It was a fun day! Sunday morning we had breakfast with Jess and my parents and then they left. Jess and I decided it would be a good day for the corn maze. We dominated the corn maze. We then headed to Wollersheim Winery and did some wine tasting.We bought some cheese and pretzels and a bottle of wine and sat outside in the vineyard area and just chilled. Got home in time to catch the end of the early football games. Did a whole bunch of nothing that afternoon and then went out to supper with Jess’ parents and then just kind of visited with them for a couple hours before coming home and sleeping. Now it’s Monday!

Got this link or some derivative 3 times in an hour or so today. Gotta represent!

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