The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, September 16, 2005

A pedal powered ferris wheel? This is friggin crazy! Pacific needs one

Chequamagon Fat Tire Fest. 2500 riders, 40 miles. At 10am tomorrow in Hayward, Jess, Stephen and I (accompanied by injured rider and now super-fan Emily) will be in the thick of the mayhem. I haven’t decided how serious to take it (go all out for the best time I can get or ride it for fun or try to balance the two) so I am not posting a goal. I guess if I can ride without hurting myself or breaking a bike part or flatting that would be good. The Olive Garden will again be the carbohydrate source tonight. I wonder if Emily will wear her I love carbs shirt?

That’s all I’ve got right now. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'll take Cherry pie for 16 bites...

I can't seem to get the desired 15 number, I'll have to try at home. Special thanks to Riz for this link:

Old Time Hockey! Last night we had our last old man hockey game! It was the 7th place game (in a 8 team league, we are an elite team!) I even got my skates sharpened for the event. Well it was basically 6 on 6 (each team having one reserve) so it was extremely tiring. We won 10-5 and I got the hat trick and a couple assists. A good way to end the season. Looking for good hockey players for the fall (especially a goalie) so if you know any, send them my way! Hockey at it's finest!

Just by chance I went vegetarian yesterday! Cereal, Spaghettios, Nachos, Chex Mix and Ice Cream. Oh yeah and a couple Starbursts. I don't recommend Starbursts before cycling.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blog Intro:

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog. The goal of this blog is to chronical the life of me, plain and simple. Although the material for this site is not predetermined I would expect to find lots of information about food, beverages, bicycles, friends and some interesting stories. I hope to update this almost daily (5 days a week perhaps?) I also will invite guest entries because if you are a friend of mine you are more than welcome to give your own opinions. Finally please leave lots of comments. They will not only keep me entertained and inspired to write more entries but it shows me that you care. And I also like your opinions so if I make a top 5 list I hope in response to have other Top 5 lists for my readers to compare in the comment fields.

For Immediate Release:

A trip to Hawaii? A large investment in my future? Lots of planning? Why, yes, on all counts.

Yesterday I plunked down $457 to guarantee my spot in the 2006 Ironman- Wisconsin. On Sunday, September 10th, 2006, I will be trying to become the first Ironman in my family. That's right, I just committed myself to 140.6 miles of hell! So make sure to book your trip to Madison early and come down and cheer me on!

Saturday I made Jess get up nice and early and we rode the bike course (it is a 2 lap course and we did one lap.) The course was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. Sunday we got up early yet again to get a great spot on a long climb for the bike course. We shouted encouragement to the strangers and casual aquanitances (and Rachel Grimm, remember her?) until noonish. The pathetic Packer game made me wish I would've done the Ironman this year! Monday I was about 20% sure I wanted to enter. But with a small window to enter (this race sells out fast) I just took the plunge. I figured I was in the best shape of my life now and a triathlon is always something I wanted to try, so go big or go home right?

But Mark, can you swim 2.4 miles? I swam 1.2 miles once. Can you bike 112 miles? I did that once when I was 17. Can you run/walk/crawl 26.2 miles? We'll see! I am in the market for a used wetsuit! I don't want to be too big a tri-geek though so none of those funny small wheels and race man bras for me! Any tips or advice for completing this feat are encouraged!

More information will follow soon.

2006 Support staff:
Swim coach: Riz
Triathlon advisor: Brozek
Team Director, Maseusse, Support, Psycologist, Chef, Etc: Jess.
Other notables signed up for 2006 include Nagle and Bruno.