The Waffle House Chronicles...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yes I still love this blog! So with football starting it's only appropriate we give some football love!

Remember this guy? The Texans are carrying just two quarterbacks on their roster, so if both David Carr and Sage Rosenfels go down rookie tight end Owen Daniels would be asked to take snaps. "Oh, I don't want to think about that," Texans coach Gary Kubiak told the Houston Chronicle. "But if something like that did happen, Owen would be the emergency quarterback. Either him or me."

Charlie Batch is worthy of being an NFL starter. I can name at least a dozen starters than he is better than. He makes great decisions, throws a beautiful ball and is adept at learning an offense. Not just any starter can lead the Detroit Lions to a 9 win season.

My fantasy team was rated #1 in the Atkins Power Ratings. Fresh off my fantasy football championship last year I wasn't very tickled about my draft. I have some potential points at QB, 4 solid running backs but none are spectacular, good recieving corps with some depth. Two servicable tight ends, a kicker I like and a defense I don't. Fortunately you can always pick up a D on the waivers. Here's my team:

5 RB Jackson, Steven STL 7
16 WR Harrison, Marvin IND 6
25 WR Moss, Randy OAK 3
36 RB Dillon, Corey NE 6
45 RB Jones, Julius DAL 9
56 WR Stallworth, Donte NO 7
65 RB Jones, Thomas CHI 7
76 WR Smith, Rod DEN 4
85 QB Green, Trent KC 3
96 TE McMichael, Randy MIA 8
105 QB Warner, Kurt ARI 9
116 D Broncos, Denver DEN 4
125 WR Curtis, Kevin STL 7
136 TE Clark, Dallas IND 6
145 PK Brown, Josh SEA 5
156 QB Rivers, Philip SD 3

Badgers: 9-3
Wolverines: 10-2
Packers: 3-13
Colts: 13-3
Lions: 5-11

Any thoughts???

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here is the new project! Jerry and I built this bad boy (more Jerry than I) so I can test it and see if it breaks! Blue Mound here I come (after Ironman though!) I gave it a rough and tumble build, could use better wheels but I don't have better wheels so I'll deal! :)

Ironman site is in full effect, check it out below!

What else that is non-Ironman...not much of anything really!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bark for Mark is in effect! Follow all the action of this week live on my new website!!!

Back in non-Ironman world the weekend has been pretty relaxing!

Friday night was a whole bunch of bike repair and not much else. Saturday Jerry and I went and rode the Ironman loop for one last time before the Ironman. We also worked on my new project which is almost at completion. We then met MJ and Andy at the Taste of Madison and even ran into Vale and Koebs. I ate alot and then we met the crew at the Essen Haus to celebrate Tad's birthday! We played lots of darts and watched the Badgers...but we never did win a dart game. :( We did alright though. Tad does get assessed a violation, he was wearing a Goonies shirt that said "Chunk 85" on the back but refused to do a truffle shuffle. Lame! :) Sunday was a bunch of the same, some Taste of Madison (I didn't eat much) and then just chilling out the rest of the night. Monday still the same, it's raining out and not much is going on!

A week of easy exercise and rest this week and I should be good to go!!!