The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to hit you with the remix...yes, I added to the post to bring some added burger goodness see below (bottom), and reread! Actually I wouldn't use the word goodness...more like a bad idea...

This week’s restaurant of the week, In-N-Out Burger! This gallery is awesome, I love the shrapnel. They ordered the 100 by 100 and 12 people knocked it down. Riz, Barry, Joe Beck, Brent where you at?

Had a nice 30+ mile ride on Wednesday. Michigan got smoked yesterday. Not much else going on here.

Weekend will be fun. Some Blockus tonight (Pizza Hut Sausage, yummy!) Some bike riding tomorrow. Possibly comedy tomorrow night (if you are interested give me a reply and I’ll give you the details, it should be worth it!) Sunday will be laid back, Nascar and movies!

Practice Safe Cycling

NCAA Pool is filling fast, need a spot? Let me know!

The ultimate trap!

This is my 100th post! Congrats to me!

Remixed, Extended edition: Sweet!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This week’s consumer product of the week, Jelly Belly Sport Beans! A couple weeks ago I tried the green and today I had the orange, both taste excellent and have similar benefits to Gatorade. I am buying me 24 packs of each color, it’s going to be my thing this year! Add in some Clif Shots and the new Apple Shot sport drink and I am going to be pretty calorically set on the bike. Of course the occasional Oatmeal Cream Pie on long road rides is a must.

This week’s tragedy of the week:

I assume people were fired…doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore? I can’t imagine the pressure there must be in the packaging and transport of beer industry.

Went in for a massage last night (Jess had a sweet coupon) at the Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. I was worried at first as the girl couldn’t have weighed 3 bills (and was like 19 years old) but she did a really good job! Afterwards we gorged at JT Whitneys!

Training Update: 2 runs this week, hoping for a run and ride today and rides every day for the next few. Ride at 10-11am Saturday at the lot, if you are interested I’ll e-mail you the details. I busted my Nike running shoes and hoping for some warranty action. So today will be the debut of the New Balance 1060…Big Orange shoes!!!

Oh yeah, I know you all aren’t wondering how basketball turned out. We went 0-5 in the second half, 1-9 overall. We got schooled by a bunch of not very talented old guys. Actually, which has been the case all year long, they had 2 players that were better than anyone we had. We have a lot of parity in ability (equally crappy,) every other team has a couple good people and then crappy people. The season is over, now back to playing at just the Y.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It is with great sadness…

The sports world mourns the passing of a true legend, Kirby Puckett. Growing up a huge baseball fan and baseball card collector although we lived in Wisconsin we were part of the Minneapolis media market. I wasn’t so much of a Twins fan (I preferred the Brewers and Cubs then) but since we lived so close (NW Wisconsin) we went to several Twins games a year. To understand what Kirby Puckett meant to Minnesota the only comparison I can come up with is how Brett Favre is regarded in Wisconsin. I am guessing most of Minnesota can name more players from the 87 or 91 teams than they can from the current team. Anyways, Kirby was one of the best players I’ve ever seen. He had his belly and could still cover enough ground to be a gold glover. Kids loved him like he was a teddy bear. Adults loved him because he was kind, always smiling and hustling, and was just an awesome player. He made games awesome, the announcer would say his name and before he was done the Metrodome was deafening. He is the face of the Twins franchise and will be missed for sure. Kirby Puckett, gone, but never forgotten…

Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend = Done

Well another weekend has flown by. Friday was fun! After a hectic work day I came home and chilled. Jess showed the house and then Russ was in town for the evening. He picked up Barry and we all went to Quaker Steak & Lube. They have some wings there called atomic wings. I guess it takes 300,000 units of water to counteract 1 unit of the sauce. We’ve been daring Barry to try it and he finally did…he was the only one man (stupid) enough to step up. Just a preface, the wings I had took 2040 units of water to neutralize and were plenty warm…I highly recommend the medium Arizona Ranch wings. Anyways, here is the chronicles in photos:

Barry signing the waiver...yes you have to sign a waiver to eat these. They used to make you wear gloves as well.

The wings have arrived...spicy!!! Barry also got fried zucchini sticks...not sure why.

Barry eating the wings. The photo doesn't do him justice. His face turned red and his whole face was extremely sweaty. My sinuses were clear just from sitting across from him.

Barry wins, he did it! He gets his name on the Wall of Flame! He got the free bumper sticker! He had to order a large milkshake to keep the stomach settled. I hope he will reply to this post and tell us what Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were like for him. I took one dab of sauce to the finger and it burned for a good 5 minutes! On the plus side, they have one of the best burgers in town (I would rank it top 3 with Hubbard Ave Diner and Dottys) and I will go back. Russ had to go back to Milwaukee that night, but was certainly in awe. It was good to see you Russ!!!

Saturday morning was the usual basketball, but I came right home after that (no twinkies or running.) At 9:45 the ride was to begin. I felt like I was good to go with my carbo-loading the night before (burger, fries, six-wings.) Garett and Jerry were both surprised to see me on my bike, as it was 28 out. We met one other guy at the parking lot and we were off. It was a nice easy pace (anything faster would have provided certain doom for me) so that was good. I sprinted for the first couple of sprint points but then decided that if I wanted to still be a part of the ride towards the end I shouldn’t do that anymore. We ended up at about 2:50 for the day and probably around 45-50 miles (I think Jerry said 43 or 45 at the lot before the ride home but who knows as his computer wasn’t calibrated right or something.) I should get me one of those new fangled bike computers…I have a nice one, just no idea where I put it. He burned like 1600 calories and produce like 180 watts average so my fat ass probably did more that that! Anyways, it was nice to be on a ride and I see that running works most of the same muscles, just not the calf muscles! I was limited by the calves, that’s never happened before! Temps in the low-mid 40’s later this week and longer days will hopefully result in more bike rides!!!

After going home and soaking in the hot tub I watched the Michigan/Indiana game. All I know is Daniel Horton is a man among boys and is by far the best player in the Big Ten. That being said, Michigan has a lot of worthless other players. They are the most inconsistent team in the history of hoops, Courtney Sims can score 30 one night and then go 1-4 the next for 2 points. Some games he’ll have 6 blocks other games he’ll play only like 10 minutes. Petway is instant energy. Brown is a good hustle player. They have 4 or 5 people who can score, but each only has about a 25% chance of doing that in any given game so in several games they can only go as far as Horton can carry them…which on Saturday was 2 points shy of a win… Badgers also got thumped… I have no idea how the Big Ten tourney will go, all I know is WI and MI are in serious trouble. Illinois looks solid, OSU has won a lot of games, Iowa looks decent, MSU is always tough and Indiana is an enigma. One of those 5 will win guaranteed…

Saturday was also Mary Jo’s birthday! We went to Red Robin that evening and had a great time! Lots o fries and good people (waitstaff could’ve been better.) We then went to their house. I was dead tired and ended up just falling asleep amid conversation on their loveseat. At least one of their pugs (I can’t spell the name, so we’ll call him Jake) was kind enough to curl up and sleep with me, so that was nice! I apologize to all who were there (I don't think I snored to loud and was pretty sure I didn't drool at least!) And they got to hang with my better half anyways! Happy Birthday Mary Jo!

Sunday was more birthday bliss. No ride on Sunday as I felt like being lazy. Some grocery shopping and newspaper reading followed by some movie channel love and then we went to Oregon to celebrate Jess’ parents’ birthdays. Yep, they both have almost the same birthday, her mom yesterday and her dad today. I did find out that her dad is 4 years older than her mom, I always thought it was one year and for one day they were the same age. Anyways, it was one of those days where you have one big meal in the early afternoon and all day before and after you just graze. Lots of food! It was a good time! Came home Sunday night and instead of being productive I watched one more movie (Walking Tall.) That pretty much brings us to Monday.