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Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to hit you with the remix...yes, I added to the post to bring some added burger goodness see below (bottom), and reread! Actually I wouldn't use the word goodness...more like a bad idea...

This week’s restaurant of the week, In-N-Out Burger! This gallery is awesome, I love the shrapnel. They ordered the 100 by 100 and 12 people knocked it down. Riz, Barry, Joe Beck, Brent where you at?

Had a nice 30+ mile ride on Wednesday. Michigan got smoked yesterday. Not much else going on here.

Weekend will be fun. Some Blockus tonight (Pizza Hut Sausage, yummy!) Some bike riding tomorrow. Possibly comedy tomorrow night (if you are interested give me a reply and I’ll give you the details, it should be worth it!) Sunday will be laid back, Nascar and movies!

Practice Safe Cycling

NCAA Pool is filling fast, need a spot? Let me know!

The ultimate trap!

This is my 100th post! Congrats to me!

Remixed, Extended edition: Sweet!


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