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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This week’s consumer product of the week, Jelly Belly Sport Beans! A couple weeks ago I tried the green and today I had the orange, both taste excellent and have similar benefits to Gatorade. I am buying me 24 packs of each color, it’s going to be my thing this year! Add in some Clif Shots and the new Apple Shot sport drink and I am going to be pretty calorically set on the bike. Of course the occasional Oatmeal Cream Pie on long road rides is a must.

This week’s tragedy of the week:

I assume people were fired…doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore? I can’t imagine the pressure there must be in the packaging and transport of beer industry.

Went in for a massage last night (Jess had a sweet coupon) at the Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. I was worried at first as the girl couldn’t have weighed 3 bills (and was like 19 years old) but she did a really good job! Afterwards we gorged at JT Whitneys!

Training Update: 2 runs this week, hoping for a run and ride today and rides every day for the next few. Ride at 10-11am Saturday at the lot, if you are interested I’ll e-mail you the details. I busted my Nike running shoes and hoping for some warranty action. So today will be the debut of the New Balance 1060…Big Orange shoes!!!

Oh yeah, I know you all aren’t wondering how basketball turned out. We went 0-5 in the second half, 1-9 overall. We got schooled by a bunch of not very talented old guys. Actually, which has been the case all year long, they had 2 players that were better than anyone we had. We have a lot of parity in ability (equally crappy,) every other team has a couple good people and then crappy people. The season is over, now back to playing at just the Y.


  • Those Jelly Beans sound cool. I will have to bum a set off of you. I bet Tad doesn't know they exist & jelly beans are one of his favorites!

    By Blogger Hez, at 3/08/2006 11:15 PM  

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