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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well it is the middle of the week again, 24 hours more of work. Most importantly, it is now Fry Day! The only questions is where…not if! Chilis? Whitneys? Tumbleweed? Hubbard St? It’s narrowed down to those 4 for many reasons. Oh yeah, for the record, I dropped 5lbs in the month and didn’t even touch a potato; didn’t cheat once. Jess also didn’t have any potatoes that I know of!

Anyways, do you need a house? I’ve got a deal for you! Jess is selling Russ’ house right now. It is listed on FSBO but she will be doing all the work to help Russ out since he is all busy being in Columbus. The house has a great location and is in great shape and Russ did a lot of work to it. If you are interested let me know, I’ll see if I can get you a deal. It is a great biker house with an extra long garage and only about ¼ mile from some serious bike path action. Plus you’d live like 1 mile from us! You really can’t go wrong!

Jerry is making me ride my bike outside this weekend. He’s a lot faster than me as he is an expert and I am a sport. He’s got probably about 1500 more miles than I do this season (1583-83) and 35 degrees is balmy for him. Here’s to hoping a lot of others show up! I’ll let you know when the rides are! I might even ride a little today if the rain holds off. My February running total however was 111.5 miles.

Pottery is officially done. I am not done though, I have to have my pots fired, could be a couple weeks, then I have to come in and glaze them quick. I think I have 7 to glaze…one already has a large crack. If I can salvage 1-2 decent pots I’ll be happy! We lost our basketball game again on Monday. Next Monday we play the other 0-4 team, so we’ll see who sucks the most!

A girl we work with is getting a new boxer puppy and naming it Bianca. She already has a Boston Terrier like us so we assume she wants to be just like us. Her boxer is white though, here is a photo of her at 2 weeks old.


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