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Friday, February 10, 2006

Less than 3 months until the first WORS race. I was looking through some photos and I didn't remember seeing this one last year. Franklin was probably my best race last year after pissing away a win in 2004. It is actually (when dry) one of my favorite courses. A mix of dirt, climbing, cool decents and tight singletrack. The photos look like they are from some other planet or maybe Arizona. Is that the desert? Nope. It's a landfill!

With the first crits just over a month away and mountain bike racing starting in late April it's time to get the training into gear. I guess I'd rather me a mountain bike contender than a runner anyways. Yesterday was my most successful run since Jinglebell Run...took 7 minutes off of my lunch run in the past month so I am getting faster and healthier.

I am also finalizing some bike plans, I should have a sweet ride or two for this season!


  • I like the picture - Missy always does a good job of taking off-center photos like that too, which I like much more than a picture of me dead-center in the frame.

    BTI delivered my 8spd cassette and chain today, so my 2x8 drivetrain is ready to be put together. I also have a pair of WTB GreaseGuard hubs sitting on my kitchen table and a 28h front rim on the way from Nashbar - a rear rim, some spokes, and some nipples and I'll have all the parts I need to build my wheelset. With help from some book Brent is going to loan me.

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 2/10/2006 11:16 AM  

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