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Monday, January 30, 2006

Sick of being inside…

So Saturday I didn’t go riding with Jerry and the guys, I am afraid of rain and wind I guess. Actually my rain gear is nonexistent. It looked like a crap day and they stopped over after the ride quick to reaffirm that I was smarter for not going. Actually they did several short loops, one hard, one easy, repeat…not my idea of January fun. Anyways I spent most of the weekend inside, eating junk, playing video games, watching movies, working on a puzzle and finally on Sunday afternoon I had enough. Although I thought I should go running I instead decided to get on the bike for a quick hour spin. The conditions were almost perfect (could’ve used a little less wind) and I took it nice an easy! I finally decided to go to Belleville as it had been a while. After about an 1:15 my body reminded me that it was used to hour runs, not bike rides. Anyways, the last 45 minutes were tougher as the wind picked up (and not in my favor.) But there is a lot to keep me occupied while riding. I think I saw this random guy out riding who has a blog I look at. My dream house is now available so if anyone has a cool 650K to give me, I’d let you go go-karting on the land! J I also saw the place where they found Angela Drake’s body (lots of flowers) so that was sad. Finally I got to a point turning onto Seminole Highway where I decided to try and make it home in 4 songs. Unfortunately I put Korn’s greatest hits on my MP3 player (short songs) so I really had to pick up the pace. Almost made it (turned onto my road as the 4th song ended.) The best part is I get home and Jess says we are meeting her parents at the Olive Garden in a little over an hour. Perfect. 45 mins in the hot tub, shower and then some good eats! Ride distance is estimated at 31 miles, time was 1:55, cross bike. I love my cross bike!

Anyways the rest of the weekend was fun! The Badger hockey game on Friday night was the most exciting game I’ve seen in person, and we had awesome seats! Had some Charlie’s Steakery on Friday as well and enjoyed that! Saturday was hoops and sitting around!

This week is super busy but I’ll keep trying to blog! I start a pottery class tomorrow (wheel pottery) and I am pretty sure I'll suck at that! Puppy training and basketball game tonight, Chicago on Thursday...a good week! Hope all of you out there had a great weekend as well!


  • What's this about a pottery class?!? Where? Really? With who? Can I play too?
    hee hee hee hee
    Chili would like to request a new water dish and Poppers wants a bigger bowl for all of his Pup Corn. Capish, Godfather?

    By Anonymous MaryJ is in the spot tonight, at 2/02/2006 9:53 AM  

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