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Monday, January 23, 2006

So it’s Monday again…

...and for that I am sad. The weekend appeared to fly by…almost like I missed a day! Friday was rough. We went to Joey’s Seafood and Grill for lunch. It is a valid option. Barry would love the hush puppies (as did I) and I also got 2 of the largest pieces of fish I’ve ever had and all you can eat fries…all for $5.49. Awesome place for lunch! Food was well above average but not elite. Now for the bad. Our server (Gabe) was a frickin’ weirdo. From when we came in until we got our food he was a great server. Unfortunately he disappeared right after that. He spent 10-15 minutes talking to a couple soccer moms (and ignoring all other tables including ours) then he disappeared for like 10 minutes. He finally reappeared to help another of his tables and another 5 minutes passed and he came to us. He finally got us some more fries and everything. Pretty crappy, I had a 15 minute break in my eating at least. Also the building itself is tiny. There wasn’t an empty table at 1:10 in the afternoon. They were featured in the paper and it said that although it just opened there already is a 2 hour wait at night…so I recommend going for lunch for some of the best and best priced fish around. Anyways, Friday night was awesome! Jess and I hit the hot tub in the snow which was really neat! Riz and Hez came over despite the crazy weather. We shared some PB&J’s and then played some cards. I got hosed in Oh Hell, but that’s part of the game…then we played like 10 games of Blockus. I didn’t do so well as the other three people took turns winning and I was trying new strategies. Finally the last game I tied for a win…but I definitely need to examine my blockus strategies. Then on to some euchre to close out the evening…and more losses for me. But this time I brought Jess down with me. Actually we got smoked the first game, came back from behind to win the second (we had to set them to win) and then a close third game with a random Hez loner distancing us from them. Oh well, I love playing games and those three are my three favorites (well Boggle is up there too…but once Blockus started I didn’t want to play anything else!)

Saturday was the usual same, except we now had tons (3-4 inches) of snow! So that eliminated any chance of the great road bike ride Jerry had planned. He instead went on his mtb on the M-Ridge but I wasn’t in to that…I guess that is what separates the top experts from us bottom sport riders! Anyways I got in my customary 2 hours of basketball, added a 5 mile run and then went to Woodmans and the Twinkie store. Got home only to chill out! We ate some nachos and read the paper. We watched the movie Sky High (worthy rental) and then I watched Kingpin (Classic) I then rested until Dodgeball! Dodgeball was interesting to say the least…and I’ll say the least! Our team was seeded in a tough division. We won 2 of 3 in our first game and then we played our nemesis, the Purple Monkey Misfits. They proceeded to pound us. The other 2 matched were winnable, we just didn’t win them. We won 1 of 4 and took a game from 2 of the 3 we lost to. We certainly didn’t have our A game though. It was fun though and the Mac center is the most spectator friendly place we’ve played.

Sunday I slept in (7:45) and got up to a poop covered puppy! Just what you want to do on a Sunday morning. I carried Chili outside so he could pee and then right to the bathtub! Jess woke up (Chili’s poop stinks that bad) and we cleaned the kennel. We then read the paper and went to Wal-Mart and brunch. Jess got a free coupon for brunch for two at the West Side Club. I guess the buffet is normally $15 per person. We are talking serious eats. Plate 1: cream puffs, éclairs and strawberries with whipped cream. Plate 2: Salad w/blue cheese. Plate 3: meat galore! Included meat loaf, Swedish meatballs, and then a chef gave me a cut of prime rib. Add in a couple slices of dill cheese. Plate 4: one more meatball, more cheese and some potatoes. Plate 5: See plate 1…add a piece of chocolate cake. Awesome! I was stuffed and the food was excellent! If only we can get more coupons…I was good until supper. We then went to Linens and Things to return a Christmas gift. They had a bunch of crap on clearance and I got my first ever electric razor. So far so good! I also bought a Puzz3-D Sears Tower…and started it last night while watching football! Got home and played some Midnight Club 3! I am rocking Atlanta in cars, I suck at motorcycles though! Lazed around with football the rest of the day (with a short side trip with Jess and her Dad to JT Whitneys for supper.)

Sports sucked this weekend. Although I was pulling for the two football teams who won…the games were pretty boring. The Badgers stunk as a whole as the #13 Badgers lost to North Dakota State…didn’t know that was even possible! The Badger hockey team took their #1 ranking and dropped two at home to Denver. The only solace I have is that Charlie Batch will be in the Super Bowl in Detroit!

So there you go, how to blow a weekend! Fun and relaxing but way too short!


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