The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Der's gunna be sum good eatin' now....

I done can't believe how lucky I is.

Insane in the brain!

Wednesday was supposed to be a relaxing day. I swam at lunch and then went to the Blackhawk TT after work. I didn’t get last. My legs were so spent from my workout on Tuesday but I was riding singletrack pretty well. I gave it at about 80% as I didn’t want to get too spent. Afterward was a cookout and the return of Kelson! Pretty sweet!

Thursday was a good time fo sho! Got to work early so I’d have time to Gun Show it and leave early for Blue Mound. Gun Show was unimpressive. We kept a good pace but I can’t sprint anymore so I just kind of ride along. I played some good tactics but still couldn’t steal any points. Maybe next week! After work we got to go to Blue Mounds at ride with Eric Carter. This is the point where I am supposed to brag about how cool I am for riding with a World Champion mountain biker but I really didn’t ride with him…he couldn’t keep up! Just kidding. He was actually pretty cool and took it easy but when he was leading he would pretty much disappear and he cleared basically everything. What’s Blue Mounds without carnage? Broke my saddle. Only one flat as a group though. Oh yeah, we found this secret trail that is hard to find that was scary difficult but I need to ride it again soon. As for me? I rode Blue Mounds better that I ever have before. The new section will be fun, the old sections are in perfect shape.

Returned home to watch the Office (might be the best show on Network TV) and then off to volleyball. We didn’t show up. We got smoked…big time. We played one of those teams that doesn’t look good when you watch them but they never make mistakes. So even when we had great plays they would simply control it and the ball would come back.

Here some nice news! Oh yeah, read my post below and keep answering! I’ll post my answer soon!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mmm food! Without food or movies it seems no one besides Jerry cares. I used to have blog readers so hopefully some of you are still there! I don’t know how to set-up a poll questions so we’ll do this in Q&A format. If you don’t live in Madison you’ll just have to give your opinion on the Madison questions. I’ll even allow an other:

1. Favorite Seasonal Candy:
1. Cadbury Crème Egg
2. Peeps
3. Reese’s Pumpkins (or hearts, or Christmas trees, etc)
4. Plain old sugar Jelly Beans
5. Other (please specify)

2. Favorite New Soda:
1. Vault
2. Cherry/Vanilla Dr. Pepper
3. Coke Blak
4. Tab Energy
5. Other (please specify)

3. Favorite Quick Service Chain not in Madison:
1. White Castle
2. Sonic
3. Del Taco
4. Jack in the Box
5. Other (please specify)

4. Favorite Casual Dining Chain not in Madison:
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Ruby Tuesday’s
3. Chevy’s
4. Waffle House
5. Other (please specify)

5. What is your favorite unmodified fast food menu item?

6. Is Fierce Grape the best Gatorade flavor?

I haven’t had too many new things lately. But here is what I am into:
-Wendys: Wendys melt is awesome, vanilla frosty is ok but sure isn’t close to the original
-Just had a hot pockets Philly Cheesesteak sub. I loved it! It’s was all cheese with traces of meat. According to Price is Right they retail for $2.29 for a 2 pack…I scored a 2 pack for 2 bucks at Woodmans, that is pure profit right there!
-Hardees Philly Cheesesteak Burger is really good! I think Carl’s Jr might have one too.

Heard this rumor: “Just got a 44 oz cup of Vault from the fountain in the White Castle on E Lake St. in Minneapolis (MN). Not sure but is this the first fountain sighting made on the site? I know White Castle isn’t everywhere around the country but for those of you who do have them looks like it might be a good place to look.” I am excited, I can't even imagine what Vault on the gun might taste like...

I’ll post my responses after a while…don’t want to skew the results as everyone wants to be just like me!

Oh what a day…

Because of a scheduled power outage at work we didn’t need to go into work until 11am. All these ideas popped in and out of my mind with what I could do with that time. I decided to make my annual pilgrimage to Dodgeville on the Military Ridge Bike Path. I got up at 4:45 and was out the door right at 5. One Yoplait and a Vault got me on my way with a granola bar once it was light enough to see (right around Epic.) I love riding in complete darkness. By the time I got to Mt Horeb it was morning out. That section from Rley to Mt Horeb is challenging, mostly a false flat but you gain a couple hundred feet after all is said and done. It was smooth sailing until just after Ridgeway when my MP3 battery died. No more soundtrack. Proceeded to Dodgeville for the unspectacular trail end (into a sidewalk in front of a Subway, liquor store and Hardees.) 2:22 for 41.5 miles. I wanted to be home by 10 (5 hours) so that was good. I head back without even dabbing a foot. By Ridgeway I noticed my water was running low. I stopped in Barneveld and filled my bottle (I still had some ounces in my camelback) and was on my way in less than 2 minutes. My legs started to feel heavy riding through Mt Horeb. But alas I got the benefit of the downhill for a while and hammered. All was well until I crossed the road in Klevenville and my rear tire started to wash out. Guh! I had a flat. I’ve flatted a lot on my cross tires so I assumed I just had a gradual flat and shot a CO2 in it. I was wrong, I heard the leak itself. I was able to find the problem without taking off the tire, a rock worked its way into the tread. I pried the rock out and replaced the tube but lost like 7 minutes in my quest. I kept going but my legs got tired again in Verona and I wasn’t sure I could make it home by 10. But I kept trucking, hit the PD stop light in sync and had plenty of time to wait at the Verona Rd stoplight, which I did. Pulled into the driveway at 9:59 and got to watch all 6 Price is Right pricing games (taking a shower during the first showcase showdown.) 83.1 miles.

I hopped on my road bike at 10:45 to get to work at 11. 2 miles. But that wasn’t hardcore enough for me. I should ride a century for the day. So I brought my riding clothes. Oh yeah, I should run after my legs are beat so my running gear was in a pile waiting for me.

After work I hopped on the road bike and hammered down to the Monona Terrace. I saw Jerry but hardly recognized him on his SS commuter bike in his Reddington inspired silk shirt with half the buttons undone. Anyways I get down to the Terrace and decide to give the Ironman start a run. I took it all the way to the lap area on locust. It took me 45 minutes exactly to do just under 15 miles with a net 200 foot elevation gain with tired legs. I was pretty excited about that. I then rode the 6 miles home (for an after work total of 26 miles and a grand total of 111 miles in the day) for my transition. The transition was lengthy (6 minutes) and I was off. Got about 50 feet and decided my new fuel belt sucked ass. Ditched it but grabbed one bottle from it (7oz) and was off. I tried a new loop that honestly I loved. Two big climbs and a sketchy as hell downhill. Took me roughly 47 minutes to run roughly 5 miles. Both are estimates. Legs felt crappy for over a mile but then once I did the hardest uphill the rest seemed easier and I got some flow. The best part was that I think I could’ve done another loop or two had I wanted to. But by then I was ready to call it a day. 7-1/2 hours of working out was enough for the day, the most since HHH and the third most of the year.

Amazing? Hardly. My fiancée has ridden 3 times in two days for 65 miles (10, 27, 28). Yesterday she got up as well and rode. I assumed an easy bike path ride but she went climbing, doing Observatory, Fritz and Locust. She also swam with me on Sunday.

Today is an easy swim and the TT tonight (again easy and with free food after…) Tomorrow is some serious biking, Gun Show and then Mountain Biking in Blue Mounds with a special guest star. I’ll probably try to stuff a run in there somewhere. Friday should be a day off!

Monday, August 07, 2006

As promised here are some photos of Jess' bike from last Sunday! A little sketchy huh? A huge RV pulling a matching car signaled to us that something was up...low and behold this is what it is. I blame either the WORS number plate (faring) or the extra durable Wal-Mart bag (sail) for the problem and not Jerry.

Weekend was pretty tame. Friday night consisted of Talladega Nights and Papa Johns (both excellent) and then some bike fixing time. Got up bright and early to play basketball...not enough players. Went to Woodmans and took the dogs to the bark park. Chili was running with so many dogs that he was absolutely pooped when he got home. Good! Went out for a quick MTB ride with Jerry and my bike worked well, ready enough for Sunday's race. Got home and then off to Jess' cousin's place for some 2yo birthday action. It was a good time, I even watched a show called Country Fried Home Videos...highly recommended! We got home and worked on Jess' bike. Then Jerry and South Side Jess came over for some Blockus Trigon. I even won a game. Woke up Sunday morning to a nice downpour. Got ready, loaded up the bikes and was all set to go. Jess and I bailed. Neither of us were mentally into riding in those conditions. Of course the race conditions were "close to" perfect but oh well, such is life. Now Jess and I both have well tuned and upgraded mountain bikes. We instead went swimming, watched the first Pirates movie, watched the Brickyard and went out for supper and Gelato with the Smulkas. A relaxing weekend.

Today I woke up and got in a 5 mile run. Went to work and then swam a mile at lunch. Got home and talked Jess into riding with me. We rode 26 miles, basically to the end of the Ironman loop and then back to the Terrace and then home. We then went to the bark park again, then home, ate some food and now here we are.

Thanks to Jerry for all the help on the bike, sorry I couldn't (I mean was too wuss to) use it. Today was Hez's first day working with us, I saw her once. Tomorrow we have a scheduled power outage at work until 11am. I am getting up at 4:45 and out the door by 5 to Dodgeville and back, 80-85 miles round trip. Wednesday is grill out night with the Chainsmokers and Thursday is grill out night with a world champ! Need to ride with a world champ? Let me know! :) Riz, I need some stroke help as well, we need to set up a time!