The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, February 22, 2008


I've always dreamed of going pro in something, never thought it would be bowling. But apparently I am on my way. Before tonight my previous high was a 228 and that was in the last decade and my highest this season was a 198. But that all changed tonight in my third game, when I rolled a 251! 251 are you kidding me? Nope. 7 strikes in a row. All marks with a 7 kicker in the 10th. Unconscious. Even had to get me the score sheet and a print out. Finished with a 572 series. Maybe they'll even send me a patch or something.

So that is getting the weekend started off right. Also of note, Tracy bowled her best game (160) ever and our team won so it was a good night for the Munsons. It was my 7th game in a 2-day span so maybe that's the key. Note: In case you think I actually think I could go pro...I bowled a 118 yesterday...maybe I can fish better than I bowl...

Week was decent, didn't do much with all the cold. Monday the dream of an undefeated basketball season came to an end...stupid Applebees whooped up on us. Time to regroup. Also had our first Chainsmokers meeting which had really poor attendance. Tuesday and Wednesday were just plain cold. We did manage to get out to eat both nights, once with Jess' parents and once with Stephen and Emily so that was fun. Yesterday we had our bowling outing at work. Got four games in so that was cool...didn't bowl to well but had a blast. That night I went to a poker tournament hosted by one of my best friends' ex-girlfriends. Weird, not too much, but it went well. I took her out right away and played awesome until pretty much hitting a wall. Made it to the final but wound up 6th out of least I beat Dean! :)

Work has been going pretty well...I'm happy I work for this company!

This is a bigger shocker than my bowling tonight. Who knew that Prince even knew how to read? Total mind blower.

Kelson sent me this link. Seemed somewhat applicable to this blog. Crazy!

Lots of birthdays this weekend too, Emily, Sarah T, Irby(B) and probably others too so Happy Birthday to those born in February. Well that's my week in a nutshell...hopefully my run of good luck can continue for the next month or two!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just hangin' out! (Photo Share)

The dogs getting some nap time in.Jess and Chili just hanging out!
Snow angels...Jess style!
Our poor birch once was over 20 feet tall...the ice is taking it down!
Madison is a winter wonderland!