The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekly Update

I don't expect to update this much in the coming days with the NCAA tourney starting and going home for Easter and all that. But I figured an update was due now since it's been a week. Week was ok, it's always tough adjusting to post vacation work but I did. This blog's theme is catching up.

It took me a significant chunk of last week to catch up at work. And our work flow is spiking and I also got a new (additonal) rep so these past two weeks have been the busiest I have been since starting. It's good too, I feel I am about 95% of the way to knowing what the hell I am doing.

I run an NCAA tournament pool every year. It really allowed me to catch up with people. I heard from people that I haven't heard from in a year, or more. Two of my college friends in fact got married to each other, bought a house and just had a baby, all in the course of one year. Wow! I also got to go out to lunch with one of my former co-workers (Brooke) and catch up on things. I got a call from Russ the week before too, what is this world coming to? Caught up with the boxers Stryker and Lily at the park after their 1 month hiatus (and their owner Jenn). Got to meet our friends' new baby Grady on Thursday, what a good looking boy, check facebook for some of the cutest baby/boxer photos ever. We even caught up and bowled with the Mundys who we hadn't seen in a week. And yes, it's turning out my 251 game was an abnormality, I had one 170 game since then and the rest were lower (most siginificantly.) Got to catch up with Jess' extended family (who I haven't seen since Christmas) this past weekend, and this weekend it's up to Rice Lake to catch up with my parents (I can't bring it to myself to call them my "folks"). This past weekend we also caught up with some friends for a movie party. Unfortunately we also got caught up on some Spaceballs, which would've been much better left in the past. The Irby's spaghetti feast made up for it, so the night was still a success. I even started to catch up with some cycling, having a 30 mile day on Thursday (before not riding all weekend.) In an interesting tidbit I didn't go out to eat once all weekend long. I mean I ate at a couple people's houses but never purchased any food items or had them purchased for me. Weird.

Glad to see the Badgers win the Big Ten Tourney, even though it didn't net them anything in the eyes of the NCAA tourney committee. Tonight will be a late one with a late Badger game start, hopefully they'll blow em out early.

In Mark's health news, it seems like I am busy with appointments. I got fitted for orthodics on Friday. On Wednesday I did something I didn't think I'd ever do, I went to a chiropractor. And so far so good. After miles of paper work (actually 2 yards worth) I got to meet with an assistant. Then the chiro came in. We talked and he did some range of motion things. He said my shoulder motion was good but said that the part that gets sore cycling was messed up. He then looked at my pelvis and said I've worked too many years at a desk job and my pelvis has slipped and stuff. He also said something to the fact that my legs were messed up (he said technical things but that was yesterday so by now it's translated to my own words) and then measured my right leg being 1-1/2 cm shorter then my left, and it bowed outward. Robbie told me that two years ago when I tested with him but I kind of didn't deal with it. They are going to try and correct that too. Then he started poppin' stuff around. That was weird. But I was able to move my leg twice as far now, and half as far as I should. So short term I think it's really good, I'll give you my long term verdict once I get one. Thanks to Wolfgram for the referral, it's nice having a Chiro that's half way between work and home (2 minutes either way.)

I wish everyone good luck on their brackets. I am assuming I'll be posting niece photos and others early next week...until then count how many passes happen in this video.